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    SimCity 4, Downtown Los Angeles, Southern California, Urban Planning, Architecture.
  1. The 10 Most Famous Cities In The World

    Just the first 10 to come to my mind. 1: New York 2: London 3: Paris 4: Los Angeles 5: Tokyo 6: Washington D.C. 7: Hong Kong 8: Mexico City 9: Chicago 10: Rio De Janerio
  2. Hello everyone! I've decided to start posting on the forums. It's been about a year since I've really logged onto Simtropolis. But I miss my old SC4 days. I'll pop the disk back in soon. But first I wanted to see what the community is up to.

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    2. starbuck4life


      Hey! Last time I was on here I was trying to make a somewhat realistic LA, my wonderful city. But there just isn't enough LA content in the ST/Exchange. I would learn to BAT myself, I just keep getting sidetracked. I'll have to spend an afternoon or two and see if I can learn to use that tool. It's just geometry, right? LOL

    3. Hamish


      Welcome back! If your looking to start batting you might want to sign up for this:

      At the moment we are looking for a few more teachers, but we plan to get the ball rolling soon. Should be a good way to learn the in's and out's of batting.

    4. starbuck4life


      I will look into it, thanks.

  3. DK35 Bank of America Center, Los Angeles, CA

    I almost NEVER submit a review for these files, and to be honest, I haven't played Sim City 4 or logged into Simtropolis for months, at least 6 or 7 months and never bought the new Simcity. But I just looked on this site for some good map files I can use paint over and thought I would search for Los Angeles since I've been searching for Los Angeles for years. I've been looking for someone to release all the major and non major buildings from downtown Los Angeles. This looks BEAUTIFUL. So realistic, the Bank of America Center from the outside might seem like a boring skyscraper but it is so beautiful when you really look at it. I've been trying to get these types of buildings on this website for at least 5 years. Please, please make more HD LA buildings, I love this city, I know a lot about DTLA and I would really be motivated to load up SC4, put my unlimited money cheat in and have some fun with this game again if I could TRULY recreate LA. Don't worry, I won't post such long reviews that often, I haven't been on here for so long, but please know that I would LOVE if you could please make all the rest of the DTLA buildings in HD. Thank you for bringing back memories!
  4. Safeco Field

    Finally something good on the STEX! THANKS A BUNCH 5/5!
  5. NHP San Faraway

    FREAKING AMAZING! Thanks man!!!
  6. Region Update 4

    Looks a little bit like the northern Puget Sound area. Looks like you could put a Seattle or Vancouver there. Nice work
  7. Two Mountains

    [quote name='neongamer' timestamp='1202219607'] heocon2002: You find My Documents -> SimCity 4 -> Regions and make a new folder with the name of your choice, then download the config.bmp and put it in that folder. Click download and save the file as (city name).JPG. Open the game, select the region you want in the region select box, and it should come up with a blank patch of grass. Hold down CTRL ALT SHIFT R and navigate the popup box to the folder you put the JPG. Select that and it will install the region. Any problems PM me =). [/quote] I'm at the last step but what happens when you finish with the popup box because for me nothing happens and it's been like 20 minutes. Btw I can't use SC4 Terraformer because when I make a new region in the folder it doesn't show up in the box to select in SC4 Terraformer and it doesn't show up in the game so I have to use this other option. Any help on either or both problems would be great thanks. [img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/44.gif[/img]
  8. 6th and Brushy

    BRILLIANT [img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/29.gif[/img]
  9. Glendale

    AHHH the buildings are totally unrealistic! I need to do a city journal if only I wasn't so lazy!!! [img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/24.gif[/img]
  10. Burbank

    Omg that looks nothing like Burbank. I lived there for years and I can tell you that looks totally wrong![img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/32.gif[/img]
  11. Downtown Los Angeles

    HAHA no offense but that's a horrible downtown (but I've seen worse) you need to go on Google Earth and actually look at downtown then rethink your city! [img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/26.gif[/img]
  12. I need to start making buildings. There aren't enough L.A buildings!

    1. nathanthemayor


      Cool!Can't wait to see them!

    2. starbuck4life


      Ya well I gotta learn a little more before I can make those detailed buildings...

  13. Scarab Club

    Simply beautiful!
  14. Morgen Tower

    this won't show up on sc4