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  1. Using custom BATs only = shooting yourself in the foot?

    Thanks T-Wreck. It's kind of a bummer to find out the cities I admire are not built in a conventional way. I think I gonna start doing what you did, although seeing how my folder is a complete mess this gonna be a hair pulling experience. And the fact that I never use SC4T, or modding until now doesn't help About your advice, I'm thinking since most of the one I'm using only have one growth state. Specifically I think these are the building that's covering most of my current town. - The 2x5 M-R$ and the 1x4 M-R$$ (at the bottom) of this page http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/index.htm - The 6x6 M-C$$ and the 6x6 M-R$$ on this page http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/p7.htm - The 4x4 L-R$, the 3x6 L-C$, and the 4x5 L-R$: http://somy.gozaru.jp/p2.htm I will set them to the Maxis highest "equivalent" across the board, since eventually in a long running and sustain city, it's where the building will be for its life time. I intend to calculate the value per tile for all data of a Maxis building, and multiply it by how many tiles each of these buildings have. I guess that will make thing a bit easier than normal at the begining due to the high initial value but in the long run it's neglectable in term of balance. And in my experience after the first city, other cities in the region will grow quite fast anyway. Do you see any potential problem with this approach? I want to keep it as close to the vanila experience as possible, since to me at least half the fun is manage the city so I don't want to make it too easy.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm having some serious problem running a city using custom made contents. Prior to this I built a city using just stock building, and played it until I hit a pop of 30k with about 25k jobs. I run it pretty tight, and even when feeding the city all it needs, I have a balance 6000/10000, aka a 4000$ surplus. In fact, thing goes so well that I was sitting on a 1.5mil budget at this point. This is not to brag, but just to say I have been playing for years, and know what I'm supposed to do to run a city. Now, building another generic city can get boring sometime. So I went to SC4D and Simtropolis to check out the mods, and my jaws immediately drop to the ground at the wonders the modders made. So, I set out and get myself everything I need to build a Asian theme city. After a few days I manage to get everything I need ... I think, so I set out to build my city, which is tonight. - Thing goes well at first, and I did manage to build a beautiful oriental town to my imagination. Again I keep everything tight just like I did with my normal cities. - Still, I noticed quite early that I'm having a hard time keeping up my budget. My demand are always high so I keep expanding, hoping it will balance out, but then it only got worse. - Once I hit 30k pop, my balance is already below 50k, at this point I started looking at the problem by comparing to my other city (in the other region). The result is: + Same Population + 30k jobs as opposed to 25k in the other city. + Land value is much higher than other city. So on paper, this city is actually running much better than my old one. So why is the difference between 1.5 mil surplus and bankruptcy? I look at my tax and immediately know why. My oriental city is giving "600$", yes, six-hundred residential tax :-[ while my normal city is giving me 4k$. At 30k population, a 600$ tax is as good as non-existence. They both have the same population, classes ($ and $$) , same rate (9%) so what gives? I started think and make a guess ... could it be because the BAT doesn't have full growth state? (Not that I'm using the Growth version, I never plob down any thing) So I reactive the stock building, starting demolish the oriental one and resize the zone. I lost about 2k pop doing this, but behold, my tax shoot up to 3500$!!! And that's only replacing like 1/4 of the population so far. Another problem is that my education/health/utilities cost also got cut by about a third using stock building. It also appears to inflate my RCI. Even when a lot of them are screaming for job my Residential demand is still in the air. No joke, but with this being the first city of the region and only at 30k, I can get sky scrapper if I zone high density lot right now, which is ridiculous. So the conclusion is: Growth BAT doesn't have enough yield, doesn't house enough people. And the BATs I'm using are from famous creators like SOMY, NOB ...etc... Also have some from HK's team but mostly $$$ stuff so I haven't use them yet. At this point I start to think these mods might be good to create a little corner of eyes candy but you can't actually support a whole region using just them. But then I have seen people posting about recreating entire region like Tokyo without using any of the stock Maxis building. Am I doing something wrong here? Anyone who have build large and beautiful asian town, can you share me your secret?
  3. Hello everyone, It's my first post here so I hope I'm posting it in the right section. I'm having a hard time with SC4Terraformer and spent like 3 hours last night with it after giving up. I have followed the guide on how to import SC4M file on this site to the letter, but no joy. The problem I have is somehow the map's elevation value is completely messed up when I load it into SC4T -they're all normalized to around sea level. For example, if I try to import a map with both a mountain peak and deep ocean, the heigh value for the hill is only 260-280ish while the ocean is only around 240ish. This is both for checking the value inside SC4T and the game. So once inside the game, hills and mountain are almost flat, and oceans/river are so shallow that they're like gigantic coast line. (and light blue with a thin veil of sand on top). Saving and load each city doesn't help. Like I said I have follow the guide here to the letter, and basically touch nothing in SC4T. +Specific the city folder with the config.bmp on load up. +Import The SC4M file. (leaving scaling factor at default). +Save the City. So anyone have any idea? I'm using SC4M 1.1, and have tried 1.0c to the same result.