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  1. Heblem's BAT Workshop

    Originally posted by: Heblem Hi, due I was banned from SC4D i will get working here on a new set of bats that i plan to release mid and late of this year, currently i have no internet in my home but i'll try when i can to show some progress of my new bats, I promise do more than 100 bats maybe after a month or so i'll get my internet back... Well hope you response and your welcomes here, also not only bats... hehe I can make scaled maps, all kind of terrain mods, including water and rock mods and of sure some new texture improvements for the game. If you dont know my work you can search at STEX fro my name profile and you'll see some goodies. Thanks! see you later... PD. current project "Outlet Strip Mall" (i'm at a cyber)quote> Wow,you have a account in Simtropolis,Heblem'