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  1. Andesia

  2. Sun [solar flare]

  3. Show us your - Largest City Ever

    Nabrizd region - 20.632.404 inhabitants (most populous city square is Nehbarot, with 2.055.449)
  4. Sphinx Rock mod

    I've been a good time looking for a desert mod like this. Thanks bro, well done!
  5. Heart Isles

    I like it too, don't know why so low rating
  6. Raise the UI Mod

    When I read "Only for people who have their windows taskbar on the bottom of the screen (most people)", I felt really bad 'cause I have the taskbar upon the screen (joke, I don't felt bad, but I really have the taskbar above). Is the first time I see a mod like this. Good idea, Warrior!
  7. south america

    I requested the map. Maybe i'll try to do a Santiago's one in future, chilean1, but i'll not use a topographic map, i'll try to "copy it".