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  1. major problem with demand?

    Eggy - crime isn't a problem. it appears in small insignificant pockets, nothing to worry about. And I have no reward buildings, apart from the place of worship, mayor's statue and mayor's house, which I have already placed. I haven't tried placing a museum though, but I'm just a bit cynical as it clearly shows that areas are desirable anyway. Are these not techniques to increase desirability? I already have this, (and have improved since original post), I'm concerned about demand...pollution in the city is ok. no water pollution and now little air pollution. I've even moved the power plant and sewage works since original post. Can I just ask though, how do you move an already established landfill site? I also keep getting warnings from my advisor about garbage, but when I go on the garbage data map I can't see ANY problem.... SC4BOY - you may actually be on to something here, as I honestly can't see any other explanation. So I need to build other cities adjacent to create demand? How does one go about this? Would I make an entire plot say...residential, and thus act as a kind of suburb? that kind of idea? Maybe I've been a bit too old skool and ignored the regional aspect....
  2. major problem with demand?

    Yeah the landfill and powerplant do create some undesirability. But, as you can see from attached images, the land is mostly highly desirable to both rich sims and hi-tech education, but still I see no demand. It doesn't make sense. Also, I have a water treatment plant, and have no water pollution. Education and health are great, as indicated broadly by opinion image....it's getting a bit frustrating now!
  3. Hi, I am having major trouble with creating demand, for High-tech industry and High wealth commercial/office. I have attached images which should do the explaining for me. I'm really confused as to why this is... Thanks Oliver