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  1. One hasn't played SC4 in a long time ;__;

    1. TowerDude


      One has neither been playing CS x)

    2. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      Join the club...

    3. Tonraq


      LOL, I do suggest you to do what's best for you :)

  2. All this Skylines stuff, the HKABT should resurrect, I'm planning to get the game, and do a few Hong Kong things!

  3. I didn't even know this thing called "Skylines" existed..

  4. A bit of a newb question.. is there a program, or a way to clean the plugin folder, like doubles, readme's, jpegs etc etc ? Thanks :)

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    2. TekindusT


      In my experience, deleting the PDFs and HTMLs off the files is not the best idea ever. If these files bother you in the Plugins folder, save them elsewhere, but don't delete them; as they may contain relevant stuff you can look for if you have some plugin conflictivility, or to remember that lot name you need for the BuildingPlop cheat...

    3. TowerDude


      Thanks for the answers! will deleting doubles and these things make the game faster by any chance aswell ? :)



      They make the game a little faster. If you want to speed up the game and make it run smoother then use a datpacker.

  5. "The Chinese Mayor" from the Sundance Festival is certainly an eyeopening film..

  6. Ehh.. Harvard for phd..

    1. Namiko


      rlly you got it? o_0

  7. And if I had a million dollars...

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    2. SimEMS38


      Airman, which Mustang are ya gonna get, the beautiful one made by Ford or the flippin gorgeous one made by North American??

    3. airman15


      SimEmS38- Hoo boy, that is a tough decision. I was thinking of the Ford Mustang. On the other hand, a P-51 would be perfect if I has just a million more (a real one that served in the war)!

    4. SimEMS38


      Yeah I think an air worthy P-51 that did time over the ETO or even the PTO would fetch a pretty penny that's a bit over 1M! Especially if she's wearing the colors and equipment of the time! It's nice to dream though!

  8. Doing my urbanism project listening to SC4 OST.. "BUILD AHOY! :D"

    1. Huston


      The SC3000 Ultd OST was better honestly :P



      Listen to Fila Brazillia's Subtle Body- THAT is city-building music!

  9. Being near Paris, the shooting sent massive shockwaves, on how vulnerable we are to these threats

    1. Compdude787


      oh brother. Enough of the terrorism already!!!!



      People in Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya are hundreds of times more vulnerable to terrorism. These countries bear the brunt of Islamic terrorism which has killed hundreds of thousands of people year in year out.

    3. TowerDude


      I should know, but in our occidental countries we always feel in such security, when these things happens reminds us we are not so safe.

      This is also an attack on french freedom of expression and our values.

  10. Happy Christmas Eve!

  11. can into Christmas feeling!

    1. Tonraq


      Ornament takeover >:D

    2. Huston


      C H R I S T M A S < 3 . Although funnily enough, it feels like it was long before last christmas :P

  12. Post Post Modern now mwahaha! and also thanks for the previous feedack *kisses* :3

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    2. Tonraq


      Bad LC

      We need to finally understand things now.

    3. Durfsurn


      You are so post modern you could support a football stadium

    4. The Avatar

      The Avatar

      I wish I understood any of this conversation.

  13. Post Modern is dead!

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    2. KonstantinII


      "Post-ironic pre-industrial structuralist rationalism" What a concept!



      Mind blowing! So did the irony come before or after the industrial revolution?

    4. MilitantRadical


      Post-ironic structural rationalism came before the industrial revolution. I guess it should be called Pre-industrial post-ironic structural rationalism.

  14. After a lovely weekend at the Venice Biennale, ime to make way for Rotterdam :)

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    2. Tonraq


      Omg the biennale, want to go :(

    3. NielsC007


      Venice is a lot better! :P

    4. MandelSoft


      Rotterdam, or "Manhattan on the Meuse", as some call it :P

  15. that moment when you unzoom by mistake a SC4 does a CTD...

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    2. jmsepe


      Much more pain is that when you plop elevated road or elevated rail over road and boom there goes CTD. >.<



      Datpack people. Datpack. Also restrict the usable RAM to 2GB. 95% of crashes are resolved. Sure the game will run slower, but it will be reliable! That's my secret to getting smooth gameplay despite 5.5GB of plugins.

    4. KonstantinII


      Sometimes, that happens.

  16. So there is a new iPhone huh..

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    2. MandelSoft


      I have the money to buy it, but I'm not willing to spend it on that. Heck, I don't eve have a smartphone of any kind, just a simple mobile phone will do...

    3. TekindusT


      I will buy it when my HTC, which has had its screen cracked for more than a year, finally gives up. I'm tired of Androids, unaccomplished promises and cheap stuff.

    4. jmsepe


      I still prefer the Nokia 3310 for texting and calling honestly. It has longer battery and easier to use.

  17. Started my Architecture summer job in Zurich !

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    2. SimCoug


      Congrats on the new job!

    3. weixc812


      Congratulations! Maybe we'll take advantage of that by getting one or two BATs from you?

    4. Tonraq


      Congrats Greg!

  18. newbie question : To play a game with direct IP do all players need to be connected to the same internet box ?

    1. __A


      more newbie question: what does that even mean? :P

    2. jmsepe


      I think not. You can configure the network gateway but I am not sure. Are you referring to LAN or you wanted to use the internet to connect several computers to play a game?

    3. jlt122


      If you are referring to hosting a game from your computer then the other players need to have your IP address from the computer that is hosting the game or the server. Also if it is password protected samething.

  19. wiggle wiggle wiggle!

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    2. Trentreznorspig


      What you gonna do with dat big fat butt? Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle.

    3. KonstantinII


      What is that supposed to mean?

    4. Trentreznorspig


      It's a hit Hip Hop song on the radio.

  20. Happy 1st of August!

    1. Larks2242


      Celebrate at the Pizza Hut!

  21. Thanks for the floodings, my train to Zurich tommorow is going to be a mess!

  22. Going Dutch? http://i.imgur.com/RqZ22wY.jpg also, seems the no palm mod doesn't work on SAM.. :(

    1. SimCoug


      Looks great! There's a C.P. Palm to Aspen mod that will fix those SAM trees