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  1. Cologne KVB Bus

    Version 0.3


    Mod for Cities XL 2011 by phillip96. Hello community, I present my first mod: The KVB Bus 160, which brings me across my home town Cologne (Germany). It repleases the France middle bus. The version 1.0 will come soon, it will correct the graphical issues on the front of the vehicle. I hope you like it I´d be very thankful if you would post some ingame screenshots or some critics, you can use that thread
  2. Hello community, I have created six icons on the desktop. You can download the icons on my homepage, on Cities XS, or here: www.siteupload.de/p1045811-CitiesXLIconszip.html How to change the icon: 1. Download the file, and remember the place where you have saved the folder (save in a location, where the folder don´t bother you, because after installation he must not be moved) 2. Right+Click on Cities XL 3. Click on properties 4. Select "Change icon" 5. Click on "browse" 6. Select your favourite icon, and click on "OK" Please give me a little feedback Sorry for my bad English. I´m from Germany. Some lines are translated by google. Links to german sites: My homepage: sites.google.com/site/phillipsstaedte/mods/desktop-icons Cities XS: www.citiesxs.net/forum/index.php/topic,1332.0.html
  3. Why should the person above you be banned?

    For having a planet in your avatar
  4. Why should the person above you be banned?

    Because he has an account on Cities XS
  5. Then i will waite till 8. march
  6. i know this forum, but nobody wants to give me this unpacker and i wo
  7. There is a new board for the Mods: www.citiesxs.de/forum/index.php/board,19.0.html
  8. Hello, I want to create some custom contect and I don´t know how I get the CXL unpacker tool. Can somebody help me? PS: I´m from Germany, so my English is not very good.