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  1. So... I am kind of stuck, I have no idea of what do to in Lot Editor and it takes a humongous amount of time to open with my current plugins to make opening it worth it. :(

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    2. Lot Creator

      Lot Creator

      Try to do "good" lots with the LE and try to include some custom-made models as well, I learned the same way. There is no "read me" for it, but I can tell you the keys that work for it. pgup/dn, home/end, shift, ctrl, and the WASD buttons. Now this post is too long :P

    3. Mithrik


      But, I know how to use it, the problem is have no idea of what to make in it.

    4. elavery


      There are a lot of great BATs on crappy lots, use LE to make to Lots better.