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  1. All Hail to the Dirktator. May I humbly inquire what is happening on RRetail's page of relots ? The deps are on the infinite wheel (for me at least), but I doubt it is karma :-)roulette_zpsd7rhmoak.jpg

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    2. tariely


      Something else, but as I have you here ...

      My CJs have been poxed by the fukobucket debacle, OK, I'm fixing them, But why have all my CJs beyond page 3 disappeared ? There were at least 10 or 13 pages of them or more ! Could you check into that, please, pleeeze ? (tearing hair, gnawing nails)

    3. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Hmm, that's a very good question. If there were more, 10 pages would mean at least 250 entries in total (25 per page). Are you sure there would've been that many? Currently 73 entries are on record in your P.R. Crastina's Travels (SC4), starting from July 2015.

    4. tariely


      What is happening ? Am I losing my mind ? When I checked this morning there were only FOUR cities-CJs left -- the text, not the picts, of course (Middletown, Poutine, Thille and Smallville). I went to page 3 and none of the other entries were there (more than fifteen -- re the number, I may have confused pages and entries, but still) . And that is the reason why (1) I wrote you and (b) I spend the whole day pedalling like crazy to reconstitute the missing ones. And now they are there ?

      OMG I went through a hole in spacetime and briefly fell into another universe, or something.


      On another note : will all links disappear (retroactively) as fukobucket implements its evil plan ? (Why not in one fell swoop ? To blackmail us ?)

      This is harrowing. Thank God, Smugmug is apparently working well.

      Sorry to have disturbed you.