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    gc6164 reacted to pcwhiz24 for a City Journal entry, Massive Supercell Storm Bears Down on The Great Coast   

    Brown text: Mayor of Highlands Town

    Red Text: Mayor Dennis Brown (of Ashville Metropolis)

    Blue Text: Mayor Jack Green (of Coastland Metropolis)

    Green Text: Narrator/Newscaster

    (click on images to view them full screen)


    1:00 PM

    To evacuate or not evacuate, that is the question...
    Turning on the news...

    A massive supercell storm has formed outside the Great Coast, and is quickly approaching. Now for those who don't know, this storm isn't like any other storm...
    We're talking crazy lightning strikes in whole areas, Hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, floods, even hail...
    Highly populated areas are being evacuated as the storm nears, but time is running out...

    Ah these storms are nothing, my city's at 980,000! I'm going to hit 1 million this afternoon!

    Mayor Brown, you don't understand how powerful these storms are...
    ...This region was hit once way back then, but my city (Coastland Metropolis) only got rain, and wind. The worst of the storm hit a nearby town (220K population, don't remember the name) and...let's just say, we needed to rewrite the maps afterwards... to accommodate for a city that was "wiped" off the face of the Earth...
    This is a super-storm...I call it a hyper storm. This was before your city (Ashville Metropolis) was built...

    Damn, is this one of those storms?


    But it's such a beautiful day right now, look! The sun is out...

    (1:42 PM) Ashville Metropolis

    You're just bluffing...

    Well alright, but I'll talk to you later...

    Alright simtropolians, let's see if our citizens are preparing...I don't know what Brown is doing with his city, but I for one don't want loss of life here, so I'm sending out evacuations...
    We're going to the radio station...

    Sound the alarm! (1:28 PM) (Pic of radio station, on top of CN Tower)

    (tornado alarm sounds)


    4:52 PM

    The storm is now bearing down, a beautiful summer afternoon is now turning into an ominous dark stormy day...

    Evacuations continue, as cars backup on Interstate 35

    (4:55 PM) Coastland metropolis highway backed up)

    Man I wish I could've expanded those highways earlier! Ah well, we'll just have to make with what we got. Let's go to higher ground...

    (4:57 PM) 15th (Street going upwards) Most people who stayed (a lot of them) are inside the house, ready to ride out the storm...This is going to be crazy...With these storms, it can be a beautiful day one moment, and a few MINUTES later, a dark stormy disaster-about-to-happen type weather...Oh snap here it comes!

    Play this video for maximum immersion!


    (5:01 PM) Coastal Metropolis Beach, GC
    The storm is now beginning to come over the coast, people on the beach stop and stare for a moment at the massive clouds and run away in panic as the wind picks up, from calm afternoon breeze to nearly 60 mph in seconds! Umbrellas blow away and sand burns skins as it is picked up from sudden wind... people race to the nearby buildings to avoid the floods...

    Coastland Metropolis...

    (5:12 PM)
    Oh man that's massive...

    (5:14 PM) Highlands Town (East of Coastal Metropolis, and The Tech city, and West of Ashville Metropolis)

    5:35 PM

    The storm is now in full swing, sustained winds of up to 60 mph, with gusts up to 100 mph...

    (5:38) Coastal Metropolis, GC, angry waves surge over the beach...

    (5:45 PM) Coastland Metropolis downtown getting battered as roads flood

    (5:48 PM) Coastland Metropolis stadium flooded...

    (5:58 PM) Airports in Coastland Metropolis flooded from storms...

    (6:02 PM) 55th Avenue

    (6:05 PM) 15th street during storm

    (6:06 PM) Coastland Metropolis neighborhood

    WOAH...WOAH...HOLY (Expletive)...THAT THING'S HUGE! That's gotta be an E-F5 Tornado...

    (6:12 PM) Small airplane escaping massive tornado just outside of Coastland Metropolis, north of the city...

    That thing's headed east...

    (Mayor of Highlands metropolis calling on phone)

    *picks up phone*

    Mayor Green! Did you see that massive tornado?
    Yeah, where's it going?

    I think it's headed for Ashville metropolis...Oh no the power went ou-

    (call lost)

    Shoot, I gotta call Mayor Brown!
    (dials, ringtone)


    Mayor Brown! This is Jack!

    Oh hey Jack, man this weather sucks! Those clouds are scary!

    (6:15 PM) Ashville Coast flooded by massive waves

    Mayor Brown! You gotta get the hell out of your mansion! There are massive tornadoes moving your direction!

    I ain't going NOWHERE! I'm staying here! I'm at 984,000 and I'm about to hit 1,000,000 people!


    The captian goes down with his city, and so the mayor goes down with his city! (loud noise in background)

    Fine! BE IT! But...What the...Mayor Brown, is everything okay?
    Yes everything's fine!

    Quick go outside...

    Fine, but I ain't goin' WHAT IN THE NAME OF...WHAT IS THAT (Noise getting louder) I'M GOING BACK IN!

    Mayor Brown! GO! RUN!

    I can't!...No! NO! GO AWAY! NOO!!! *Windows breaking in background, very loud wind whistling sounds

    Mayor Brown?

    (Dial tone)

    Hello? HELLO?!

    Oh man...(dials phone)

    (Dial tone)

    (Dial tone)

    (Dial tone)

    (Dial tone)

    The number you have reached has been disconnected...

    (Highlands city)

    To be continued...