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  1. Help with plugins

    I believe you are missing some dependencies. These are files that contain the textures needed for those buildings, and since the textures aren't there, the buildings aren't shown. You will need to find the correct dependencies files and download them with the plug-ins. In the folder that the plug-in is downloaded in, look for a read me file. Look near the bottom and it should give a link to the dependencies it needs. That or look in the details page where you download the plug-in from. Hope it works
  2. Brown Boxes

    Thanks a lot CaptCity! That download worked perfectly. I do like the idea of the single icon for 6 trees, where you click for the various trees but I found it annoying when wanting to place a lot of small trees in a small area as they would just develop into the other trees. Thanks again!
  3. Brown Boxes

    I have all those mods and dependencies but I'm still getting brown boxes.. Any other ideas? Thanks