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  1. Lttle School house

  2. cascade with config bmp

  3. very big school

    It's sooo big!!
  4. RHW New 4 Way JCT

    I doubt any new comments or requests will be answered. Azninoverdrive has been gone for years. Although he may have unlocked the file himself a year ago. You can just convert the RHW 4 to Avenue and intersect it. You can also add the Ave Tuleps in the NAM to ease congestion.
  5. Road To Avenue Left Turn Lane

    I realized just how bad this thing is. I'll tell you, if your lucky enough to scroll down to see this comment, that this will freeze your game.
  6. Mafia

    Didn't know the mafia makes SC maps. As a matter a fact they do a better.
  7. NWM TollBooth Pack

    [quote name='sitejunction' timestamp='1345735815'] The capacity is an issue. Only 100 per toll booth. [/quote] Can you fix that. It would also be great if you made one for AVE-6 and TLA-7
  8. Stoplight Replacement Mod (SRM) Support Topic

    I'm getting red blue green and black surfaces on only the stoplights I'm using SimpleAngled ,European Variation 1,USA Yellow Small
  9. Gorez D. Obez Memorial Park

    The bright colors of the lot have a sort of ick-factor and it's a turn off, It's way too big. The lot is repetitive and tedious. 1/5
  10. Zekrom Power Plant

    unrealistic, mediocre modeling, too much space, 1/5
  11. NWM TollBooth Pack

    Can you add Ave-6 TLA-7 and the NMAVE-4? That would be cool
  12. Tree-lined avenue Mod

    Nice Work. 5/5 You should make one for the Ave-6 as well.