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  1. Drunk Power

  2. Thanks, I love Simcity 4. Though you guys didn't solve it, I thank you for the help.
  3. HOLY CRAP I solved it! All the problem was, as it turned out was that it wasn't updated properly since it was a fresh install.
  4. Well I have used a few before this, but on a different computer-I know how to use them and I've followed all directions-there could be no way that another tree controller is in there causing the crash. Can anybody tell me if there's anything that's interfering with it in that picture of my plugins directory? (There also aren't any other plugin folders in the game directory.)
  5. No-that's the weird thing, I haven't used any before this, and it's on a clean, new install of the game.
  6. Gah-okay thanks, if it would help I could record a video of the exact problem I'm having.
  7. The game CTDs when I'm placing the trees-it'll let me place a few trees then it'll CTD the way it does when the game gets confused over multiple cores (though I have tried setting the affinity to only one core and that doesn't change anything). And it doesn't matter if it's on a fresh tile or one with development.
  8. It's currently set to hardware.
  9. I don't know why, but the game keeps crashing to the desktop! I'm at my wit's end! I started with a fresh install of Simcity 4 on a new computer that will run all of my other plugins perfectly, but crashes whenever I place trees using the "Pacific Northwest Tree Controller" by Blunder. And it's not even a problem of having another tree controller installed-I've checked! This is my current plugins folder: What am I doing wrong?
  10. The Mercer Inlet

    Another excellent update from a master of city journals!
  11. Ch. 1, Pt. 2: Something Wicked this Way Comes...

    Quite interesting update-I have to say it's very excellently ominous!
  12. Chinatown & Little Italy

    It's Amazing-but please keep doing the fake radio stations-they're really amusing and you've got quite the eye for music (apart from k-ko)!
  13. Tony the Reporter: #3

    Did I catch a Beavis & butthead reference when they switched on the radio?
  14. This entry is too offbeat to have a title.

    Greatest april fool's joke ever!!!
  15. The Soundtrack to San Lorenzo

    Yes-it's vice city all over again!