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  1. Newbie With Question On File Placements

    Thanks for the tips. Some of the items did not come with a read me file 'the light train stations, the planes, the autos'.
  2. So... I've just became a member of this site and have some questions. Mostly on placing files after downloaded. I guess I'm somewhat confused as I'm used to placing files in the Sim City plugin files located in My Documents from the items I've gotten from the Simcity website. I got some plane and car files. They are a a '.dat' file. Do these go directly in the mydocuments/simcity/plugins folder or do they go into the programs/maxis/simcity/plugins folder. Once in their respected folder... can I put them in a sub folder or do they need to remain on the plugin level ? Airports. I got the one to work. However... I've noticed there are the Airports tin the ACB-VLT series 'I realize there are multipal files needed for them to work'. Q1... Same question 'as above' on folder placement. Q2... Do I have to load Vol 1, then Vol. 2,'etc' or will I be able to put them into a temp folder then move all the files at once ? Q3... will these show air traffic 'planes landing & flying'. Light Rail. I got the lightrail station set that include these buildings.. Cosham Railway Station Small Suburban Terminus Small UK Suburban Station British Style 4 Platform Country Station 2 Eastland Grand I put the folder the unzipped in first in the mydocs/plugin and 1/2 of them showed as a box. Moved them to programs.../ plugin and had the same affect. ??? I just noticed that some of them have a jpg & a SAV file. Do jpg & SAV have a home of their own they need to go into ? Thanks in advance.