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  1. Catty, thanks for the answer, but i honestly couldnt find your name on the site even after searching for both "Catty" and "catty". dont know why. In any case the SC3URK appears to be useful so i'm going to keep it. i also registered at the site, no telling how often i'll use it in the future. At least now i know there was no patch. Although honestly, i really dont understand why alot of devs/publishers dont resurrect their old games, so to speak, by releasing updated versions of them on digital download services like Steam and elsewhere. they really dont realize how much profit potential theyre missing out on, especially when old-school gamers like myself will readily buy the games if the price is right. Well, thanks for the help!
  2. Yarahi, I went to that website and couldnt find any mention of a patch for SC3U or its' Building Architect Plus. I also tried searching for a user named Catty but no results came up for that name. So my question still goes unanswered. I know the game is really old, but surely someone knows the answer. Its old but its not THAT old, not 1980s/early 1990s or anything. I do know that a version 1.1 patch was released for the non-Unlimited version, but i'm not sure about the Unlimited version. It's hard to remember whether it was patched past version 1.0 or not. Google isnt bringing up any useful results. So now I'm more confused than ever. I'm just really adamant about having all my games at their latest patched version. It's why I use Steam for most of my games since Steam does the patching for you, I bought the Deluxe version of SimCity 4 there quite some time ago ago and it works fine, havent had any compatibility issues with mods or anything. Seems to be pretty much identical to the retail version I had bought, before losing the discs. Well, if anyone can help, thanks again!
  3. Thanks, OcramSeattle, but that's not quite what I was looking for. It appears to be an unofficial patch. I'm only looking for official patches, if any. I'm aware that the developers released a patch for the non-Unlimited version,but I'm not sure if they did so for the Unlimited version and it's' included Building Architect Plus. I just can't remember for sure if they were patched past version 1.0. Surely an SC veteran here knows the answer and where I can fine the prequisite files. In the meantime, I'm using no-disc cracks for the game and the BAP, since I havent been able to make them run with or without a disc mounted in a virtual drive, or even with the physical disc in my DVD drive. It says either way "please insert disc", or something along those lines. Nevertheless, I'm checking out your link to see what it's about. If anyone else knows the answer to my question then please post. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I know this is a really old game, but I didn't know where else to post this. I bought SimCity 3000 Unlimited at a garage sale and the serial number was included with it. I'm aware that I probably can't register the serial, since the original owner probably did so a long time ago, and I can't seem to find a registration link for this game on any of the official SC websites. However, I want to play this game for nostalgia's sake. I tried it long ago and really enjoyed it. I am aware that a patch was released for the non-Unlimited version of the game, but what about for the Unlimited version? And what about for the Building Architect Plus program that installs alongside the game, was a patch released for it? Or did both remain at version 1.0? If anyone can provide me with a link for these files I would greatly appreciate it. A direct download from someone would be even better, you can PM me to make arrangements. Thanks for the help, please reply soon!