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  1. Was there ever a true sandbox mode available for SimCity 4? I don't know how many of scenario have played SimCity 2000 but there was a option on the game that literally let you place the buildings you want where you want. You had a menu with every building you could develop and place them where you want. It was a lot like Sim Societies but way better. Then you could even save the city you hand made and load it as a scenario with money and a population. Is there a download for SimCity 4 that enables you to do this?
  2. I don't remember ever having a city where the environment levels were not totally in the red and awful, I've always done everything to stop it though nothing ever seems to work.
  3. Sorry I'm such an idiot but I want to know how you put the idems you download from the ST Exchange in the actual game. I want to build some huge cities.