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  1. I like to share about Aokigahara or better known as Suicide Forest is an area that is at one of the base area of Mt Fuji in Japan. This forest is generally a tourist spot famous for its park, rocky terrain, caves and also famous for its scary atmosphere The forest has a historic association with the paranormal like spirits and demons. Japanese mythology also associates to this forest. There are also noted suicides throughout the past years. a cation to those who like to visit this link may contain somewhat scary and eerie images A link to some pictures http://www.buzzfeed....-suicide-forest Here is 20 min documentation about the forest may contain more eerie images
  2. it's just sad that they can't compete or even improve on anything but the graphics..
  3. Can't get tiles to zone.

    i don't think the tiles are used by the roads. i think it's a bug. demolish the roads and zone the area then rebuild the roads. if that doesn't work try dezoning the adjacent area and zone it again by draing from dezoned tiles to the two tiles you wanted
  4. Game not wanting to start

    yeah could you cite mote details? what OS are you using? try comparability tools. right click>properties>compatability
  5. Quote of the Day

    "If you don't stand for something, You'll for for anything"
  6. must have mods

    hmm.. got to say that NAM and RTMTV are a must have. these improve the residents travel or commute time. for me, one of the main enemy of the game is commute time and these mods are just amazing.
  7. SimCity 4 YouTube Playthrough!

    it's not that easy watching the video. but what are the dimensions of those?
  8. all of NAM's stuff are in the plugins. i think most mods don't tamper with the main game. and if you're only concern about cleaning the mods, then just clear it out. but saying that you wanna start fresh, i think reinstalling would do the trick. it won't really take that much time i guess. it's worth the wait. i just started playing again too and reinstalling did me good
  9. SimCity 4 YouTube Playthrough!

    the brick layout style is really cool, maybe i'll use it in some of my city layouts
  10. yeah, i think i'll wait a while too, when more reviews come in. don't want to be hasty and regret. and what's wrong with Civ V? the game is a good sequel hehe
  11. really? at 30k pop i tend to have all available educational buildings already except for the library i guess, but placed at a strategic place and at low budget. if i want to let my city grow, i think it's important to boost education at this level so that mid and high commercial demands raise as well as high tech industry. then continue building up
  12. SimCity 4 YouTube Playthrough!

    cool, so how long are you planning gameplay series to be?
  13. Different Tax Windows?

    that's funny, i first had the original simcity 4, but i don't remember it being like that.