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  1. Hello, my name is Benie. And I come to the Simtropolis forum looking for help. I'm trying to make a city based off of a map I've been working on in the game called Minecraft, where everything's built out of blocks. Anyway, my map is a city/residential-themed map. And I think would be perfect for my first city in SimCity 4. However I'm having alot of difficulity doing this. First time I made it too big, making my sims drive half the map to get to the bridges on the opposite ends of the river, to get to the city side. Even with a subway crossing over the river to connect to the city side, they were complaining about not being able to get to work. This is what I'm trying to do; I'm trying to redo it using a smaller lot, but I can't get the river to look like the above pics. Going to keep trying though. Also, I keep seeing pictures with highways with their ramps connected to both sides of a road. Yet I've only managed to connect mine to one side instead of both. How do I do this?