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  1. Kellydale2003's BAT Mine

    Your glass has a little bit too much color-contrast/saturation but looks clearly better to me. From my individual taste I can't recommend to take great SimFox as an aim to point at. If I was in your shoes it would be like doing a step backwards. You're already ahead. That's the difference. I know @AndisArt and @JP Schriefer doing good looking window fronts on skyscrapers. But maybe @Huston was best at this. Compare your work with them. My opinion.
  2. Random buildings and requests

    Toothless Stitch bats again? Another evidence, this planet became crazy.
  3. JP Schriefer's BATs

    Sorry, I don't know how to spell the sound correctly I made when I saw your latest work. Therefore I can't comment. But it was something similar to this:
  4. I'm so old that ...

    I'm so old ... in my youth to watch porn I had to spy on the neighbors.
  5. The Obituaries Thread

    Tomasz Stanko, polands famous trumpet player dies at the age of 76. From his music I took so much inspiration- Like those embracements after a long travel you get from your car, your back aches, you're a littel stiff, but the grandchilds and your daughter come out of the house and all want to to hug you at the same time ... and suddenly the aching falls apart and you feel fresh an young ... ... like this was is the music of Tomasz Stanko perhaps to me. The kind of drink that satisfies the thirst of my soul. How sad. How sad. May eternity rock him softly in a tune. https://vimeo.com/170327614 You may notice his extraodinary expression on this tune, how he drags and aspirates the tones of the trumpet - making it some "talking device". Here he presents his last recorded album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB7GF8KWG4E
  6. Tomasz Stanko one of the main sources of my inspiration, died today at the age of 76. I'm listening to his album "Suspended Nights".
  7. Random buildings and requests

    1a, 2a, 6a, 6b.
  8. Should I buy SimCity 2013 or not?

    There were boys that did spent money for a very simple toy like a football and they were totally happy playing with this football and one became even a football star and earned a lot of money and he bought a big yacht and when the boy - now a grown up man - was on his yacht, he played with his football, because basically just staying on the yacht was quite anoying but playing the old football on a yacht - that was fun. Basically games are like toys - the fun they give to you is the most important thing about them. You don't need everything to have fun. It's very different on people, what is fun to them and I'm afraid, you'll have to find out yourself. Some like jokes about genital organs, some like maths. Some like both. It's too much difference in people to give a general advice 'what is fun'. In my opinion a set of badminton rackets is much more fun for summer than SC2013. And most people would say - if you have played c:s and sc4 already, most probably SC2013 won't give you any new experience and add any new fun. So how's about a chipmunk? They can be terrible funny. You can make videos and post them on YouTube and become famous. I doubt anyone want's to see SC2013 videos on YouTube anymore and to become famous with sc2013 videos. So a chipmunk is definitely the better choice. But still - this is only my individual point of view.
  9. The problem is - I don't know exactly for what reason CAM overrides all default (maxis) farm fields. But the Sunflower field uses an ID already used by Maxis. So it will override one of the default fields. So basically you have a conflict as CAM and the sunflower field each overriding the same data. If you create a farm field but no farms, the field won't appear in the game - as only farm fields assigned to a farm can appear. So most probably this was the reason for HunD88 to override a default field ID so the sunflower field could show up in the base game without manual configuration by the user. I don't think apart from appearing in unwanted places - there is no harm to the game caused by the conflict between the sunflower field and the Colossus Addon Mod. But with the Colossus Farming Mod there are several custom farms using a sunflower field with the sunflower props by HunD88. So basically, the original solution of overriding a maxis farm field isn't needed anmore - as the mod now solves the initial issue of having no custom farms. So basically you have a field lot that conflicts with CAM and that is not necessary as Colossus Farming fixes the no-farm problem. At this point it seemed better to drop the original lot file - especially if you use a maxis farm blocker it won't be of any use. So there is no need to edit the original lot file by HunD88. Included in Colossus Farming is a new, very similar farm field with an individual ID. You have to edit the farms, the fields-ID list, and ad this new farm field, only if you want the sunflowers appear on other farms of your choice. Otherwise just remove the original lot file by HunD88. The only conseqence of doing so is, the sunflowers won't appear on maxis default farms anymore and sometimes, unwanted, on CAM-farms. And again: if you use a maxis farm blocker you won't even notice a difference.
  10. A-Z Animals

    Trinidad howling monkey
  11. Why So Many Moderators Here?

    Sometimes internet gives you the illusion, you can build up community, a social network everywhere. But they are just virtual and often worse: commercial fakes.. Instead you have to find your friends always where you are, not where you want to be. This relationship is explained by the story of the soldier and the princess: Basically you're doing like the soldier, @chfzdn you want to conquer the princess heart because she seems the most beautiful, most respectable, the most glorious treasure. And all the tasks she gives to you, you will execute lighthearted - just in the hope to gain her heart. But the princesses always will mary princes - and they will always only play with your heart and your faithfullness. And all the gain will be - you will be her fool, her pet or toy. You must find a bride that suits you - a bride that wants you the same as you want her. And that's the same on all social networks - don't go for fame, for those people on the balconies looking down at you, find your friends amongst the common people. Now they tell you, you have to become a prince first. And you do everything they tell you is necessary for a prince. But believe me, they will always find new tasks ... as you and me - we will never be a prince. And believe me, dancing with the maidservant in the yard is much better than crying for the princess up on the balcony.
  12. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    Still, I think, moderators should be intermediary, not dividing ideas of community members in good and bad, deciding about people being wrong or right but strengthen community assisting them to gather together. I can't take your word if you behave different than your talking is, splitting up community into political objects and attacking single members as if they were adversaries. In your words you use a 'we' - you don't talk as a single person but as an ambassador of a group. This 'We' appears as something different from community in your words. I suggest, you think about the construction of this 'we', how it is settled. Basically it is settled the same way as by Philip Zimbardo in 1971. With all consequences.
  13. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    Well, I'm afraid there won't be any lawyer in western world that will regard Dirk and his 'dirktatorship' as some kind of non-profit organisation but just as a funny term to express, that this site is his business. And so 'community leaders' from a legal point of view will be regarded as his employees instead of community representants. As they weren't elected or choosen by community. If they decide to offer free content without the written and explict consent of the creators and the site is making profit or gains money with advertising space etc., imho they will be in real troubles. Community members not involved with the site - imho - have certain advantages in this case. Or the site is acknowledged by canadian law being a non-profit organisation. I don't know. But being a site descission not a community descission - makes it a different legal thing imho.
  14. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    May I ask: to whom exactly the term 'community leaders' is refering to? And if you use the word 'we' - how exactly differs this 'we' from community? As if this 'we' is something closed, on the inside, which the term 'internal discussion' at least suggest, one could think, there are two communities present in your post - an outer community that recieves descissions from the inner community, that makes descission. So maybe, for the outer community it's good to know, who makes the decission about community on the inside or what this inside is in detail. A parliament, a court, a group of elected members like some kind of council of elders? It seems I can't find public information about how this inner circle is organized. And if final descissions on the inside have to be approved in some way by another instance - or if this inner part is legislative, executive and judiciary at the same time and therefore makes up the whole community by itself - while people not member of this inner part can't be part of community, as they can't participate in things that settles community. So the 'we' defines community and everybody not being part of this 'we' are 'them', the others, outside of the community. So if the term 'community leaders' is f.e. refering to Simtropolis moderators this would mean 'community' is formed by them and everybody else not being a moderator would be some kind of guest visiting this community of moderators. Or am I wrong? To me atm, it sounds more like running a business. You know, EA f.e., they ask the players what they want like to see and then they make their descission (on the inside) and present a new game to the public. You can't call this a community. It's the relationship of a company and their customers. The company makes the descissions - more or less (you can't satisfy everybody) in favor of their clients. Imho.
  15. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    This site is owned by @Dirktator and there's nothing to complain about that he want's to make up this site as he likes. One can think we are all driving in a car he lent us. Still we can think "what ... if", what if the car was faster, seats pink ..." etc. The reason given for closing this thread was known from the the start (see second post). So obviously it isn't the true reason for closing it temporarly (why then even temporarily?). Lately moderators try to lead and direct public opinion. They didn't shy away from discussing single users behavior here, in public, as those were less prominent users. They closed the thread, when a moderator became involved. They allow moderators do behave like less prominent users aren't allowed to behave. If needed, moderators state: well now I switched role. now I'm no moderator, suddenly switching back, now I'm moderator again. But user can't - he talks to a users and gets punished by staff (we discussed this internally). Because of being part of internal discusion - this switching roles is a fake only towards users. Or you are moderator or you are not - and as a moderator you should stay distant too - the same you expect for a judge having a neutral possition. Instead moderators take part in every discussion. They behave like referees joining the soccer game, trying to sign. If you look around they lately try to rule public opinion. Look at the last posts by @Hamish, he immediatly wants to settle the direction we should think. Sorry, I like you all, but I can't stand this sort of manipulation. There is no 'open' disucssion anymore on Simtropolis. What - if I - in first place - don't want to be rated by moderators everywhere? Even if I post to give some newbee some advice, immeditly a moderator jumps in to correct me and 'adjust my words'. They even complained I'm using to much metapors. I'm rated permanently by moderators here, the quality of my words, the compatibility of my thoughts. Compared to this the rating system is just like a rubber ball (metaphor, grief) no special direction, going left right, up down, no educational tool. The reason for closing this thread was the same. The thread took a different direction weeks before, no moderator action was taking then. I did even complain and they did do nothing. The thread become awkwardly personal several times, pointing with fingers - I did even complain about - no moderator action was taken then. They even felt the need to join the party. It's just to direct public opinion. In this case 'to calm down' means nothing else. I guess they got infected by some 'quality standard' and now extended this on opinion too. I know, they aren't evil people, there is no conspiracy behind this. But somewhat selfcritism doesn't work on their 'internals' they become a community apart from community - and joining/companionship becomes difficult, instead ruling becomes stronger. They lost ground. Moderators need a feedback system. There's a lack in the system here - like you can't do referees simply what they want but also referees need to be proofed on their work. It's nothing bad to discuss moderation style - still, we want to help each other, don't we? A clear sign - that something is wrong - when you talk to them to ask for their work and you get in return: "that's non of your business". Like it happened to me. That's a clear sign they are six inches of the ground. First this issue has to be fixed. Why? Because on the rating systems it's moderators that are responsible for quality. They are the referees on the rating system and do adjust fouls - show yellow and red card to abuse. And if I'm not completely wrong, that's the initial problem. Creators get hit by this rubber ball from out of nowhere - they can't react properly, they can't join the game - the whole thing is accidentally and of no control to them. But as every adult, they maybe don't want always mom and dad to handle their business (after discussed internally), they don't want to be controlled by moderators neither - as they want to handle their stuff on their own? As long as there is no change, I won't take part in this 'community' (moderastorship?) anymore. It simply feels like suffociation to me, as if I can't breathe because I'm surrounded by moderators assisting me on every breath I take here. There is no fun anymore. I know, they don't want anything evil to me - it's just they overtravel the 'goody two shoes', they dominate and kill every open discussion this way, surpress every controversy and at the end even my thinking. There is no 'open' and 'wellcome' anymore to me - there is guidance and administration and feeding and service. But this ain't what 'open' means. Whish you the best. (Now, close this thread again, I'm off topic, emotional and frustrated - all at the same time. You should surpress this for the next 48 hours shouldn't you?)
  16. AndisArt's BAT cookery

    Great relief. Thank you - I was about to google for neurologists in the neighborhood.
  17. AndisArt's BAT cookery

    Ah, who knows, if I don't see simply ghost - things that aren't really there. But looking on the second picture where the lighter grey or white of the main structure touches or sits on the darker foundation - isn't there a little nook or bulge (maybe elbow was the wrong word)? - as if the edge of a single verticle on the arch is slightly missplaced.? Hadn't (yet) any drugs today but if no one sees it except of me - what does this mean? Hopefully nothing scary about my brain?
  18. So many BATs, so little time.
  19. Aarsgevogelte BAT's

    Yes. It's a little bit like the dance club opened at 9 p.m. All the girls marched in ... and shure I downloaded them all. But now I have to check them out individually, have a little talk with them, finally ask some of them - would you like to visit my city? All this may take some time until I can give a proper rating on the STEX. I'm a fast guy on downloading but until I fall in love may take some time. Doesn't mean much, doesn't tell much about the girls BATs. Or maybe (using less critical metaphors?) - all those delicious dishes, you can't eat them all as quickly as they were served. But don't worry, just do as you feel and like. Motivation is the most important thing. And I'm so glad, they are there - so happy to see you back. Even if it takes some time to digest. The cooking is much appreciated.
  20. AndisArt's BAT cookery

    To me this looks quite different when looking from the narrow side. I love those lights/reflection on the eastern facade from this angle, looks very realistic (first picture). Instead the same facade/side when turned (picture 2) strangely looks a little plain and I don't know exactly why - but it's not about textures, they seem right to me. I think it's because of missing some shadows perhaps? It's like sunlight is come directly from front - while there are shadows on the ground and the awning (?) on the right - there seems to be no shadows on the windows. If I look on the bigger glass front on the ground floor, there is a shadown on the upper part - indicating sunlight comes from above. Somehwat I would expect this happens also on the upper part of the structure - also the smaller windows having a thin darker line on the upper part? Not shure. Maybe I'm wrong on this. Wouldn't trust in only my opinion but to hear other peoples opinion. Thank you for this beauty, it's much fun to visit this thread and to see the fast progress - your last bat was slim and tall, now this has some rounder shapes, curvacious - good balance There are those bred&butter bats you need in great quantity for the game, they may grow 20 times in your city and even look better when appearing in a row but get lost when growing alone. This one is definitely no bread&butter bat, it's too special, standing out - like a beauty in the crowd popping out. Might be worth to consider to make it a ploppable only - as growing several times close to each other may look inappropriate for an 'outstanding beauty'. Like on an awards show two stars wearing the same designer clothes (shocking!). Last thing - there seems to be a little elbow on the right (second picture) on the transition between foundation to main structure which strangely I didn't notice on the previous pictures, don't know if it's of any importance and only some kind of distortion on the picture.
  21. Show Us What You're Working On

    Is it because of graphic card/driver that makes the same bats looking sharper/more detailled in @nycsc4 pictures compared to my game?
  22. deleted.



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    2. Fantozzi


      Not shure how to read the last sentence, if it's directed in my way as it seems you know my motivations better than me. Would a pm have been the better choice? Should I remove my message here and send it as a pm to you? Or should I open a new topic in the forums? Or something else maybe? What would be the proper way to adress my opinion about you closing this thread? Thank you.

    3. CorinaMarie


      To clarify my last sentence: It is my perception of what could happen by including the @ mentions which might prompt a continued discussion of the off topic portion of the thread in question. By necessity, Simtropolis is not a democracy. As staff we try to find the right balance between open discussion and moderation of non-productive conversation. Obviously, we cannot please everyone.

      In this case I believe a PM would have been sufficient to express your opinion. That could have been sent to me only or include @Cyclone Boom or sent to CB without me being included. At this point a PM to me is not necessary as I've stated my viewpoint here. My decision to temporarily close the thread for a time out will not be reversed. When it does re-open we will continue to monitor it and see how it goes.

    4. Fantozzi


      Anyway deleted. I agree, a PM would have been the better option to prevent the primary debate moving over here.

      But I must confess, lately I'm getting a little bit tired. There is almost no playground left, only law and order and justice fills the minds of the people. One has the see, in great parts, forums are ruled by moderators. The only unlimited game is: people ask, moderators respond. Communication is already very ritualized this way. It's quite annoying if every action is driven by the question - is it allowed or not, is it wrong or right. Can I post this, should I post that?

      You'd call it drama? I'd prefer to call it a game. But actually - a drama is a play, some sort of game. What, if you try to see it with my eyes - more some kind of comedy?  A tragicomedy perhaps?

      But if Simtropolis is no stage, no playground at all but instead all serious business, some kind of job - a school you have to learn the rules, I have to confess, I'm too old and tired to want to join class for you being my teacher.

      My very personal impression is - this moderator job doesn't do good to everyone. Some children act quite authoritan while entering the stage. Well but maybe even this is "As you like it". 


  23. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    One of the real great poets of mankind, Rainer Maria Rilke, in one of the most influencial german poems wrote: “For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror which we are barely able to endure, and it amazes us so, because it serenely disdains to destroy us. Every angel is terrible.” Stop judging those raters. Everybody has his own limits to judge beauty. It's an important exerice to learn in life to deal with beauty - how to respect, how to destroy, how to recognize what you've lost because you didn't recognize on first sight. Every true artist is always on the edge of his capabilities, always trying his best. All the talking about fair rating is nonsense. For the beauty you create you'll always get paid in heaven - it's popularity you get paid with/for on earth. And three or four bad ratings of poor people each month (and we don't have to fight them but to have mercy for those poor souls) against hundreds of people voting simply because they are excited and are happy (and there is no judgement of beauty involved in these five-star-votings too) - to make them important blames the artists. They never did count. Don't make the voting system a judgment for beauty. Looking on it this way it terrible fails, like all we fail under the light of beauty. Don't make this error. It's sad to see people getting angry and disappointed because the beauty they create isn't echoed by the dirt, isn't respected by the ugly. It never was the job of the ugly to respect beauty. Don't look on the rating system with the eye of actuallity. Almost every week there is written in some newspaper around the world: "this is the book of the century, This is a masterpiece." And for some weeks people run into the books stores and buy these books. But after a year or two, those books, those so called 'masterpieces' are all forgotten. Who remembers the masterpieces 2012 or 2015? On art truth may take a hundred years to show up. All you get fooled by fashion and trends. But what is really important, what really matters - is what you recall and remember after some years. You can't judge the rating system by only looking on actual votings. As the rating system shows its relevance not today nor tomorrow. It always takes a year or two until the rating system shows some truth. And its truth is popularity. But to blame it because it doesn't lead to beauty you terrible fail. As those who are able to guide you the way to beauty are always a few and it isn't a job the crowd can handle. And those few always have no voice in the orchestra media creates and are always drown by the waves of fashion, trends and popularity. So to every true artist: beauty never shows in ratings, in the amount of applause. To hope for that - you fail. Don't confuse artistry with popularity.
  24. Al Di Meola - Innamorata It must be fun to play a guitar that's carring your name. It's an Ovation 'Al Di Meola' Signature Series. Which allows to switch between the acustic jazz-sound and the electric rock sound seamlessly like in the clip above.
  25. What happiness? If I searched for you a whole life and couldn't find you Without the satisfaction to have been close at least one time To see you go away What happiness? If I try and can't even remember your face At loss if I should crawl or if I should fly ... ... in short, not even knowing where to search for you anymore What happiness? Without faking to be asleep while your cheek touching mine Knowing instead, tomorrow; "Hi how are you," a slap on the back, "I'm in a hurry", and gone What happiness? What happiness? Making faces a hundred times making believe we are little childs With a welcoming smile laughing, singing, turning everything upside down ... ... in short, making believe it's always a carnival. Always a carnival. Without happiness Going out early in the morning Worries on your mind Trailing through cars and newspapers Returning home as soon as possible Well, today is like yesterday Without happiness Even on tramways and planes Or in the glaring light of a stage Bowing to those in front of you and they're many and will slap your hands Without happiness Sharing a bed together unable to make peace without nothing left to invent Being forced to hurt each other just to get a reason to forgive each other with sweetness and continue With happiness Pretending in the end and at the bottom of the world there's only people again with the same problems Ready to found a secret society for wackos, madcaps, babblers - witty but a little weird. Pretending the race is all about reaching the end in good health While Saint Andrew already waits there with a stick and a hundred teeth Asking to settle the score For his horked down meals The desillutions and lost dreams, the usual burglaries For having been shot fifteen times at the end of the alley At christmas day in fifteen years...