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  1. To miss somebody ennobles loneliness with dolor. As the nothing is without missing like the dead don't miss you but you miss the dead. And this inbalance makes the dark we are afraid of a play of mind. As this dark is peace. And so we are afraid of peace the same as we are afraid of the dark. And therefore we enjoy to be desserted people. To be inbalanced people. As to be a desserted man or woman means to be still alive. And to feel dolor is to feel life. And the day you won't miss anymore those you once loved is the day the dark took over your heart. And the same it's the day you found peace. 

    And therefore to recognize lovers is quite simple. They miss. And they are restless in their missing. They are like ghosts promenading in the attic. They must do a phonecall NOW, they have always some urgent message, some important words to tell to their sweetheart. Lovers are the real undead. The souls that never will find peace. To find peace is to loose love. And to find love is to loose peace.

    And that's probably all you need to know about human existance. As we are all torn by love and peace before we are grown for real and got wise.