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  1. any chance you will be making a DN version of One and Two Liberty place in Philly??

  2. Thanks twalsh unfortunately its just coincidence in the picture above that sunshine 60 is next to it. I've got instances of the building growing (well trying to) on 2x4 lots like above with nothing around it. when i query it, it tells me it is sunshine 60. Are there any other properties that i need to edit to stop the building from growing?
  3. Hi all anyone know what i need to edit in iLives reader to stop this ploppable building from trying to grow. Not only is it growing when i want it to be a ploppable building, it is trying to grow on the wrong sized zone. I've identified it is the sunshine 60 building. ive set the "growth stage" to 0xFF ; and "Lotconfigpropertyzonetypes" to Plopped building; but its still growing, not sure what else i need to change. cheers
  4. Does anyone know why the diagonal heavy rail over avenue crossing does not display correctly int he images below? This issue only seems to happen in particular directions as you can see in the picture below. This issue seems new and the only change is i have installed NAM 35 (didnt have this issue when i was previously using NAM 32). I haven't installed all content in NAM 35, wondering if that might have something to do with it. Do i need to install a particular feature of NAM 35 to fix this?
  5. i checked the comments in freshwater place and the woolworth building, none of them indicate this is happening to others. links are below how would i go about resizing the model?
  6. hi guys quick question i have 2 buildings that grow normally, but disappear when i rotate the map. if i apply a data view, the building reappears until i rotate the map again. one building is from HKABT (arora place - ploppable), the other is freshwater place ($$$ residential - growable). any ideas or suggestions on how to fix this.
  7. hi all just wondering if people can tell me the name of or post links to buildings with lots of CS$$ jobs?
  8. Hi all Just wondering (1) if it is possible to mod a building to change the jobs offered from, for example, CO$$ or CO$$$ to CS$$; and (2) if it is, how to go about it?
  9. city has run out of demand?!?

    spot on guys. was taxes. one game month later and they all shot up! fixed
  10. Afternoon from Sydney, Australia! I have a 'big' city where the demand is just completely different to that of its surrounding cities. ALL the RCI bars in the surrounding cities are through the roof; but the RCI bars in this city are negative. its like ive just 'run out of demand'. perhaps it is to do with the demand caps given the population? i have build all maxis rewards,even cheated to plop them all to see if it woudl help but it didnt. i have zoned areas in the city with parks and hospitals and schools but they wont develop. Details below: The city is in the centre, surrounded by 4 cities (like a '+'). it is a big city tile with the following stats: - 915k residential (mix of wealths) - 400k commerical (mainly CO$$, CO$$$; CS$$$ and CS$$) - 130k industrial (mainly high tech but also some manufacturing) - education of 200; health of 90; high desirability for all types across the map (except for certain pockets like airports etc) - low pollution (especially in the city, mainly limited to the industrial 'outer ring;) - low traffic (high subway and pedestrian use) - crime of 30 (arrests of 35) - commute time 40 RCI bar summary: - R$: negative 4k - R$$ and R$$$: max negative - C$: max positive - C$$: slightly below max positive - C$$$: max positive - COSS: negative 4k - CO$$$: max negative - i-A: flat - i-D max positive - i-M: positive 4k - i-HT: negative 2k note in all surrounding cities the RCI bars are max positive; and there are multiple train, subway road connections between all and zones develop straight away. The 2 surrounding cities are as follows (the other 2 are water): 1: 3k farm jobs and a 5k residential (rural farm style city). the RCI demand bar is max for all wealth and type. 2: 650k residential (mix wealth); 400k commercial (CO$$, CO$$$ and CS$$$); 70k High tech industrial. the RCI demand bar is max for all wealth and type. have i maxed out the demand cap in the city or is it a bug? need help? cheers
  11. High Speed Rail Project

    Just wanted to know. I saw in the tutorial on youtube that the HSR start piece was placed, monorail lines were drawn from in and appear as HSR 'rails', and then the HSR starter piece was demolished. I wanted to know if the HSR starter piece needs to be deleted or whether it can remain as part of the track? cheers
  12. BAT Request Thread

    Does anybody know whether these two buildings exist, and if not, could be made. - tokyo metropolitan government building (I have seen a version floating around but it isnt the "best quality") - shinjuku park tower (a striking building that featured in SC3K)
  13. gday ok so this city of mine has 400,000 people im trying to make this particular area full of the medium density R$$ buildings. but the problem is they keep converting to R$$$ after a few months in the game. i dont want to have to "make historical" every building cause that will take far too long i also dont want to jack up the taxes on R$$$ for the obvious negative effects. so im wondering, what do you need to build in an area that will see R$$ appear, but not R$$$. i demolished a bunch of parks, so all thats there is the subways and the hospitals n schools.
  14. im wondering when people are building large downtown areas, how many cs$$$ they have relative to co$$$ and co$$ i lift the tax rate of cs$, cs$$ to 20% so they wont build and get in the way when i try to zone for 4x4 co$$$, wondering if there is an easier way to do it or is it just keep demolising the cs$$$ which pop up in the plots i want a co.$$ and co$$$..