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  1. Do trains work?

    Thanks! I will try the traffic-control thingies. I built a quick test on a blank map, building one city with only a power plant and industrial zones and another with only residential zones. I connected the cities only by rail and power lines Though the industries got started and managed to find workers even before I had built the passenger station (?) I did get the trains to work. Passengers started to use the stations at both ends of the route and freight moved out by rail. Industries built right by the rails sent freight right out and others farther away sent trucks to the freight station. It now occurs to me that just building a few sidings by the industrial plots could do away with trucks entirely.
  2. Do trains work?

    I have only been playing with this game for about a week. When building rail lines and freight stations I find that none of their capacity is used. Even when built in the midst of industries with a connection to "Simnation" the industries clog the roads with freight trucks while no trains are used. What am I missing? Having spent lots of time playing with train sims this makes me very sad ...