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  1. How do I control whats built in my city?

    Thank you all for your replies. I'm back at it now again, and one thing that bothers me is the fact that even if you tick the "Make historical" box, they're still able to build something now on that lot sometimes. If I manage to get a couple of high dens buildings for wealth §, late in the game some of them are rebuilt and even switched wealth level! What's this about? Is it because people left the building? When this happens and the new building pops up, the "Make historical" box is still ticked. Is this a glitch? Is there a fix?
  2. How do I control whats built in my city?

    Hi! First of all, thank you for your replies. I'd like to clarify that I've been playing Sim City 4 "now and then" for a couple of years and I'm aware of all the different types of zoning you can use to build your neighborhoods. I'm not THAT new to the game, even if my first post may imply that with all the stupid questions. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough in my first post, sorry for this. My problem isn't the fact that there's small family homes built where there's skyscrapers, but the fact that across the street from the spectacular New York-style skyscraper with a pool and a garden on the roof there's a housing project looking exactly like the place Wu Tang Clan music videos was recorded. It just doesn't give a realistic feeling to the city, which is why it always ends up with me stop playing the game. What I really wonder is, I guess, how do I create a city where one area only is §§§ residential, one § commercial etc. I really appreciate your replies. I guess an idea is to only supply the neighborhoods you want §§§ and §§ in with water, and let the poor people in the ghetto buy water at the corner store? The same thing goes for schools and such, but isn't there gonna be a problem later on? Do people stay in those areas or will I get a ghost town in the end wherever there's not water? I'll try out some of the methods you've described. Thank you very much! You'll probably hear from me in a couple of days.
  3. Looking at all the beutiful cities the Simtropolis members created I always ask my self: "how did he create that middle class suburb?", "how did he get all those high class skyscrapers in the same place" etc. Maybe it's just me, but I feel that every city I start ends up totally unrealistic. Let me try to explain ... Every real city have a little of each, which also Sim City does (low, middle and high class). What every city also have is all the different "classes" living in different parts of the city. In Sim City, they all live together which in the end make the city look all messed up. If I get the grandiose idea to try recreate Compton with the 4x4 blocks full of those small grimey family homes, a §§§ mansion pops up. When I try to create that high class Manhattan like downtown, a § residence straight from Bronx is built across the street from the §§§ skyscraper with a swimming pool on the roof. In the end, instead of having a new Manhattan in front of me surrounded by suburbs of different classes, I'm looking at a couple of §§§ skyscrapers where the residents not only have a couple of §§§ buildings in front of them, but they're also looking down on a couple of taco stands, single family homes and in the middle of all this -- a f**kin housing project! How do you control what's built in your city? I see buildings of every class in the same city, so in some way everybody else but me is able to have every type of people living in their city and still make it look realistic. Bear with me as the amateur I am. I also want to thank everybody here on this site willing to help idiots like me. Also a big thanks to all the people creating all the impressive buildings etc. that's up for downloading. You're all appreciated!