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  1. Introduce Yourself Here!

    ---------------- On 3/13/2003 4:12:15 PM Jimbo5 wrote: Hi Exxon Valdez !! Great post! thanks Get the 'Desert Combat' MOD for "BattleField 1942". Join our SimCity4 club if you like, and keep in touch. ---------------- Hey Jimbo! Yeah I played BF1942 with the DC mod, on the Xtra DC server. The mod IMHO is alright, but not great. The weapons are a lot stronger so FF is a much bigger problem. Sometimes the games are just not very fun. Btw how do you fly the choppers? (The Apache)
  2. Introduce Yourself Here!

    ---------------- On 3/13/2003 9:16:24 AM simjez wrote: Gruesome!! < has images of strawberry jam....... ---------------- Hey they signed up and paid for it! If they end up like strawberry jam it's their problem. Just joking! I can tell you it's more scary when a loaded "Meatbomber" breaks up in midair! Don't believe me? Go and have a look at the link below: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,3-597833,00.html The Czech Let 410 is really a workhorse and are popular around Eastern Europe and Africa, Like all Russian/Czech/Romanian aircraft they are much more reliable then their western counterparts so they usually suffer more abuse, neglect and punishment. So this kind of accident (Airframe Failure) is bound to happen.
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    ---------------- On 3/13/2003 7:03:10 AM simjez wrote: ---------------- On 3/13/2003 6:02:27 AM Exxon Valdez wrote: Did some charter work,a bit of meatbombing and a bit of cargo. ---------------- "Meatbombing"????? Sounds pretty gruesome - dropping offal on Sadam?? Please explain! ---------------- "Meatbombing" is a pilot slang for pilots flying skydive planes. Obviously a skydive plane would be called a "Meatbomber" In my situation I usually do it in the Cessna 208 Caravan or in the Pilatus Porter. (And yes skydive does exist in Africa) "You're not dropping bombs you're dropping people! Or parachutists I should say..."
  4. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hello guys! Good to see Kiwis like Jimbo5 showing up in force! I'm a 20yo pilot in New Zealand, just came back from Botswana (In Africa) after completing my contract. Now studying NZ ATPL theory subjects. After that I'll need to get a BN2 or Metro endorsement to get a job in Papa New Guinea. (If I cant find a job in NZ, that is) 1030 TT (Worked my arse off during the past few years) Licences: NZ , Bots and Tanz CPL, MEIFR ,Gas Turbine, Taildragger, Dangerous Goods Cert. blah blah blah.... Types: C206, C208, C310, BE76, BE55, PA23, PA34, Citabria and Pilatus Porter (and the obvious Cessnas and Pipers....) Did some charter work,a bit of meatbombing and a bit of cargo. Got my first computer (a P166) in '96 and my first 2 computer games are C&C Red Alert and MS Flight Simulator 5, and I followed the Command & Conquer and MS Flightsim series ever since. Started playing Simcity 2000 shortly afterwards and loved the game. Also liked Theme Hospital, Simcopter, Streets of Simcity, SimFarm and Simtower. (I also have the Simtower sequel, which is called "Tower 2", but I couldn't read the Japanese.) I Now playing 3 games: SC4, MS Flightsim2002 and Battlefield 1942. Just finished C&C Generals and it's quite good (The Chinese nukes looked WAYYY better than that of SC4 meltdown) I liked the Overlord tank, the nuke cannon, the bomb truck and the mobile tomahawk missiles. I am also quite good in BF1942 and Road to Rome, In 1 SP game on the RTR Husky map I've killed 162 AI bots with the Italian BF-110 plane! I'm also experienced enough in Multiplayer to just about getting a medal (whatever the colour, but I do get quite a few golds) in every game. (usually in 24 or 32 player servers and FF off) IMHO the 3 best computer games ever are: 1-Mafia: City of Lost Heaven 2-Grim Fandango 3-Simcity 4 I own a very cute little kitty (I'm a guy! Oh well...) and the pet stayed at my parents' place during my time in Africa, I named her "Aries" because she was born in April. Also btw my favourite singer is Norah Jones, I luv her songs sooooooooo much.......(I'm probably droooooling right now...)