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  1. Origin Friends

    Origin name - SimCityWoulfe
  2. I got my e-mail This time i'm gonna try to record my playthrough If there's time
  3. SimCity Social App for Facebook

    To all playing this on FB. what are your FB names, that way we can play together to get permits / etc Makes things easier if folks playing are from here, that way we know we won't trash one another's Cities, eh ?
  4. Where did you start?

    SimCity (DOS) SimCity (Win 3.1) SimCity Classic (due to my old disks loosing data) SimCity 2000 (DOS) SimCity 2000 (Win 3.1) SimCity 3000 SimCity 3000 Unlimited SimCity 4 SimCity 4 Rush Hour
  5. SimCity Creator on Development

    SimCity Creator, sounds like your creating a simcity possibly ? One can hope can't they ?
  6. Boring - Maybe, depends on how you play the game. Complicated - Well, the only thing I found overly complex about SC4 is the budget menus, far too much data to take in all at once. I don't think going back to square 1 and then stripping it down even more is the answer.
  7. - Grid Options - If we can't get rid of the grid entirely then just make the grid smaller, a lot smaller, like 1x1 inches, so curves could be made a lot smoother and so forth..... Or whatever works best for folks to make buildings & so forth snap to an angle so they don't have to be perfectly square or whatever have you.... I think that's more do-able if they tell us that there is no way the grid can go bye bye, just make the grid smaller..... - W - * If you know what I mean that is *
  8. SCS on IGN

    I can see it now, suddenly the city is attacked by a 50ft monster who has a sweet tooth ! There go the candy cane street lights, mmmmm, oh no he's eating the chocolate factory now, nummy, what's next..... He's spotted the rows of gingerbread houses, can nothing stop his hunger for everything the city is made of ? Look coming down the street in a tooth shaped car it's... TA-DA ! DENTAL MAN ! - "Remember that too much sweets can be bad for you...." - W - * Sorry my mind wandered off somewhere far, far away *
  9. Dullsville USA

    Cool, It's Dullsville From SimCity Classic ! Now if we could only play SimCity 4 in DOS..... - W - * Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh *
  10. Well, lookatdat.... Page 42.... That turns up in the strangest places dosen't it.... WTC 7 is looking sharp Woulfe * it's been awhile, eh ? *
  11. He will, just you wait WTC 7 will be a nice edition to 'The Complex' and is looking good so far.... Woulfe * Just checking up on things here from time to time *
  12. Daytime Shots Yeah it's not in the right location in NYC, haven't made it to that part of the map yet, give me some time Woulfe * Thanks For The Complex *
  13. - Downloading - The Complex is in parts, this is due to massive size of it. So you have to download several files in order to get the whole thing. Woulfe * Took some daytime pics of WTC landmark in my city, need to convert them *
  14. In a few mins [or hours] I will post a image file here, stay tuned Woulfe * Testing The Compleate Lot *
  15. Down to the last few days now.... Great to hear the optons for this 'reward' aren't being set sky-high.... Great Work Rubik3