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  1. Reality check....!!!!!!

    true but i still think that citizents should pay something for that piece of land and not just taxes which we end up wasting on services for those bums to keep them happy so basically its a big circle of crap where the citizens pay for services and dont leave us much to expand with
  2. Reality check....!!!!!!

    yeah but taxes are only like 15 percent if you want to keep them happy where in real life we pay up to 40 percent (depending on state) as well as where houses and property in some places could cost well up and over a million and that is one way real cities make a lot of money.... where i live microsoft just paid over a billion just to be able to build in redmond and bellevue which is a lot of money for the city and if the game were like that it would have made it much more easier to make money
  3. Reality check....!!!!!!

    ok... so i was showing the game to a friend of mine and i showed him how you build houses and factories and then he raised a valid point.... why!!! doi pay so much money to build houses when the citizens are the one who are supposed to pay me for the property and housing?!?!?!? i dont think any of you guys got a free house from the government.... lololol yeah i think something should be done to balance that with reality.... what do you think?