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  1. Metaboli is one of, if not the biggest retailer of digital distributed games here in the UK. Having its download services in many of the biggest highstreet games retailers aswell as online.
  2. Video Card Needed!

    Lol can i ask tho Kevin Ar18, how can he take his pick if he dosnt know what his pc takes, and for example his PC only accepts AGP As all you have posted is a link to PCIE cards, are you telepathic can you read minds or something? as you seem to assume his pc is going to accept PCIE. It may very well accept it but you dont know for sure. Before any 'picking' can me done YOU NEED to know what your pc can handle........ its as simple as A, B, C
  3. Video Card Needed!

    Well before anyone can go recommending you a video card mate, we would ideally need to know what powersupply your pc has, and what motherboard your pc has. Or If you brought the PC pre built from a known manufacurer whats the name and model number?? As there are a few things like your motherboard connections and the power your powersupply can handle that will majorly change what types and powers of graphics card you can by. Also things like your system ram and processor and speed would be good to add, so the right card could be picked for your system that would ensure optimal performance of your system without and bottlenecking of data which would slow things down. Hope this helps Dan
  4. Too high upkeep cost

    Well im sorry, but on my first city i reached over 2million population, your obviously not playing it right.

    They will all run the game yes, but unless your prepared to fork out
  6. Too high upkeep cost

    Not been funny, but, what exactly does this have to do with Technical issues and the running of the game?, as this doesnt sound like that to me.
  7. Very very choppy game play

    Heres an update, firstly its nothing to do with the CPU being at 2.4ghz, thats ample speed especially considering the L1 and L2 cache of the processor, which is far more important than its clock speed. The problem lies within Windows Vista, as i have dual booted XP and the game runs flawlessly, smooth as a babys behind and no lag whatsoever even on the biggest of citys. So until i work out whats causing it to lag in Vista ill be running on XP which isnt that much of a head ache really.
  8. Are these hardware good enough?

    What lots has said, regarding bad PSU's and over rating the units is very true, its better to spend a little more for a little less rated power, than less money for more rated power. I forgot to also say, aswell as the Quad CPU, and 9800, theres two hard drivers in raid 0, a PCI wireless card, DVD-RW and a media card reader, as all is running fine and not stressing the PSU, although i would say its running close enough to capacity by now. Also sightseer could you clarify what you mean regarding amps, as im not sure i understand when you say a computer would be lucky to pull 2/5amps??? Because, for example, Nvidia have specified that the GTX 295 (their fastest card) is to have a PSU with a rating no less than 680watt and +12 Volt current rating of 46 Amps. With about approx 18 of them amps been used to power the GPU.
  9. Are these hardware good enough?

    Originally posted by: Psycho_Teddy I'd say a Core 2 Duo running with an 8800 GT would require around 500-600W of power at minimum. . quote> Just for the record im running a Intel Core 2 QUAD, and a 9800GT on a high quality 375W PSU, and test have proven that all the components are getting enough power, due to the more than ample ampage running on the rails.
  10. Just to clarify

    Cool....... Thanks
  11. The Planet Offer (Includes POLL)

    I will be buying the PO subscription, lets be honest if your an adult and working,
  12. Just to clarify

    When i finally get this game working propely am i able to play online for FREE for 7 days before i buy a subscription without having to install the PO trial disk that came with the game???, someone please explain lol
  13. Very very choppy game play

    Yea im aware that CXL runs on just one core, however the L2 cach and other things on my processor that determine the overall speed of the CPU, excluding the clock speed are pretty good, so know its not a CPU issue on my behalf. Yea it is slow from the word go, nothing on my G15 keyboard my CPU meter and my RAM usage meter are no where near full, so i dont think the memory leak has kicked in yet, but some other underlying issue, im tempted to install XP on my other partition and reinstall Cities XL on that and see what happens. To put it into perspective im getting more performace from my old old system, which uses a Sempron CPU, less than a gig of RAM, and intergrated Geforce 6100LE graphics! i say more, but just a bit! Thanks for your input so far, im gonna keep trying to sort this problem out, any more ideas welcome, and ill keep you updated on my findings aswell.
  14. Hello, i have just got this game ive installed it and now the game play is very choppy, and pretty much unplayable. Ive tried lowering the graphics settings which have made no difference what so ever. My pc isnt great, but im sure it should be playing the game better than this, because it is pretty much too slow to play at the moment, eg a couple a frames per second. I have the latest drivers ect for my hardware. My relevant specs are Intel Quad Core Q6600 2.4GHZ 3GB 667MHZ RAM Nvidia Geforce 9800GT 512MB Windows Vista Home Premium Any ideas welcome