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  1. When to replace low density areas?

    Thank you, i will try that. It's just that whenever my city really needs those expensive resources i can't afford them even when i have 500.000 credits. But i need them in order to let my business florish. As for the bridge building. Its only available later on in the game and then i can't afford to test around and lose lots of money doing so. When i put some avenue onto the map and from that point create a bridge it works, but on the other side of the river i can't lower the bridge or connect to anohter piece of avenue. But i will need to try that more. The sandbox mod is that just like the sanboxmode in lets say Railroad Tycoon? Basicly an empty map with no specific goals? I will find out after work, need to go soon. Ty again!
  2. When to replace low density areas?

    thanks for your reply Just started playing and made 5 cities that all went bankrupt real quick at a certain amount of time (when i changed density, placed larger police station, new schools etc) The costs to delete buildings and lay high density areas are pretty high. And i agree with the not being able to save topic i saw. Can't roll back anything when stuff go wrong after playing for 3 hours Basicly i need to understand the economy part better, trading isn't that easy nor cheap as well. Alot i need i have to buy and they don't buy much back from my surplus. Not that bad but it constantly says i have to have more money when i even want to buy 1 unit when i only need 2 oil i.e.
  3. Hi all, I read the tutorials on this site but could not find my answer to the question: When do you normally bulldoze the low density areas and replace it for high? For now i build low first (obviously) and then when more becomes available i build it next to it. After around 200,000 inhabitants the map is starting to get fuller (the clean area minus the area being poluted). The negative thing when i remove low density and replace it is that around that point i start losing alot of money per day. Should i do it later? Or earlier? Also, offtopic. Love this game but making a bridge is a real puzzle. Need to do more of that. I only get bridge-ends that are way up in the air and i can't join roads to them (i'm aware that with Shift you can lower the bridge ends, but then it's hanging half in the water??) But i'll figure that out later. Thanks for your reply on the first part Greets!