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  1. Isle Of Tong

    Man I wish I was able to use forests like that... I simply have to try it Great work!
  2. First impression of the buses?

    Normally you would be wiser not to judge the value of something you never even saw??
  3. Experimental skyscraper districts

    I don't understand why people bash this idea? It looks fabulous!! And by the way... A large part of downtown Shanghai is built EXACTLY like this... Get's a little more clogged up all the time, unfortunately, but all the tall buildings are far spread, with parks and small buildings in between...
  4. First impression of the buses?

    Busses are really nice, and I can't wait to see what other mass transit is going into the game... However I still can't settle on the fact that I need to pay for any kind of service what so ever in the city... At least busses should make me some money I know it is a design decision but it is one that is putting me off the game in the long run
  5. SC4 Crashes PC

    Originally posted by: SC4BOY If it's overheating (not sure at all) you can test it.. be sure the vents on the bottom are clear (laptops vent usually through the bottom) .. put on something with holes.. ie a screen or even an inverted kitchen dish drain.. put a fan under it.. see it tht stops or increases the time before it craps out.. if it does then you probably know that's it.. if it doesn't it's something elsequote> It is a lot easier to force an overheat and just see if it happens a lot sooner But a slight bit dangerous... In any case... If it as more than 5 months since the last time you cleared you ventilation fans, you should get on that asap Oh and if you do have a desktop pc, treat yourself to some water cooling
  6. Sim City 4 0nline

    Originally posted by: primaryemu I do know that cities xl has it but that costs a monthly subscription. And this was supposed to be a free mod for online play.Maybe when sim city 5 comes out or whenever the next sim city game comes out Will Wright will make it online play and make it FREE unlike cities xl.quote> I'm sorry, but you are most likely gonna wait a LONG time for that to happen... As are we all...
  7. Originally posted by: SimBurger Everyone says Elites are never happy. As soon as my city enabled Elites, I gave them their own 1) School 2) Police station 3) Health Clinic 4) Retail 5) Fire Station 6) Leisure I haven't had a single complaint from them yet.quote> I suddenly see why you might have trouble keeping a steady income while browsing your city... That is at least -30000 income right there - And at the same time totally unnecesary...
  8. Reality check....!!!!!!

    Originally posted by: PyroMancer Originally posted by: City Planner I think it odder that the city owns things like ferris wheels and bowling alleys.quote> Not in a socialist system. Which is the type of country the game was made in. So of course their more likely to model it after their own government. The thing that I find more odd though is that they cost you money. In RL most of those entertainment places are privately owned and they MAKE money they don't COST money. Unless I guess since it's a socialist setup all the people are getting free passes? quote> In no way does the gonvernment own public attractions like that in the EU... We are not anywhere near that socialist minded... It is simply a gameplay feature - and one that truly doesn't make much sense at all...
  9. Reviews of Cities XL

    Originally posted by: Brandon8181 Coney, I think "bashing" is the wrong word. For the far majority of us here are trying to help everyone, including Monte Cristo by presenting unique views some good, some bad, of how we feel about the game. Yes, there are a few here who have "bashed" the game, but as I said that is not the general goal of the majority of us on this blog. Everyone was having general discussion about the game and then you came in with the negative comment. I think many of us including myself are just disappointed with how the game ended up turning out since it seemed so promising early in development. Also, Coney, withing the last few months Monte Cristo has changed a lot of things and not delivered on many things that were originally promised. Everyone has the right to their opinioin, but I really don't think its right of you for someone who hasn't been regularly participating in discussion to come in and challange another users opinion, especially not even doing it in a constructive manner. Can we get back to the constructive part of the discussion trying to point out the good and bad of the game? Maybe if we continue a positive discussion about the good and bad in the game, we'll get the game we've always dreamed of Brandonquote> I'm very sorry if I came on to harsh, I just kinda had enough... I was seeing post and post again stating this and that was bad and why SC4 was so much better. I just don't find that constructive... On the other hand, many of the people who replied to me have made a lot of constructive, explanatory posts - which I found a great change from the usual I'm sorry if I offended anyone though... That was not my goal... Although I don't think it matters how long one has been a member anywhere, your comment about it was a lot more sound than the other one, and I understand what you mean... Thanks for not just taking it to degrading me off the bat ** Note - I act so promptly on the whole "paid review" thing as it is a very serious accusation, and one that I simply do not find basis for - even if the reviewer seems onesided.... There is so many other, more reasonable possibilities for why he simply just liked the game, than him being paid... And I think it is unnecessary to even suggest it...
  10. Reviews of Cities XL

    Originally posted by: nickwjm Coney try rereading my post, I am not bashing the game just pointing out that they have highlighted ambient sounds when it has been well documented there are none. Its not hardware differences, slight bugs etc there are none, I have even got an official support request response email about this saying they are not currently in game. I have actually played CitiesXL every day since it has been released and am a PO subscriber and am glad I am, I am active on the community with journals etc So I dont bash. If you actually read my post the point of it is hoping that the reviewer actually has access to a client we do not yet. You make me laugh, you have posted 3 times so far on this forum and 2 of them have been criticising other peoples posts. Troll I think is the word. quote> To be honest - no, not a troll... Just incredibly tired of people bashing a game I try to enjoy.. I waited four days signing up here simply because all everyone ever talked about was how bad this and that was, and how much everything suck.. You post, however, stood to me as a chance to bash someone saying something positive about the game and nothing else. I might have misread that, but in that case I am sorry I misunderstood you... You could have said that you contacted MC and was told that the sounds are not "currently" in the game, and then express your hopes for the future... That was not the case however... I have been playing this game every day since I got it and I acknowledge its flaws... But at the same time I see so much potential and I simply hate that the people here hating the game is by far outnumbering the ones that don't - most likely because they, as me, don't really wanna sign up and become a part of a community that hates on a game they like... I'm glad I made you laugh... It went the other way around as well in the end so gratz on that...
  11. Reviews of Cities XL

    Originally posted by: intristin Gamespot's Review is much much more accurate then that IGN one the OP is talking about. The IGN one reads like a paid review if you ask me. quote> Because you don't agree?? Oh wait I have en idea... Maybe the guy from IGN liked the game more than the one from Gamespot(who ironically has a much more tarnished reputation regarding payed reviews)? I know, it's a far, far out idea, but maybe, just maybe, it has some merit....
  12. Reviews of Cities XL

    I find it curious that people actually looked for something to bash in this way? The general review is positive, and doesn't give bashers much to work with, so instead one has to look closely at something that may or may not be an issue created by hardware differences, a slight bug, or even just different, albeit possibly wrong, perceptions of the word ambient.. People impress me sometimes... We know you want to bash the game... But we really don't care anymore....
  13. Game Difficulty Level

    Why don't you just go ahead and do ALL the tutorials? There is one on trading that quite effectively explains it all to you