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  1. Comparing Simcity and Cities XL

    I find these comments amusing about "shallow simulation aspects" of Cities XL or that the game has no depth. What was so complicated or deep about SC4? The charts and graphs were better, city services felt a bit more like they had a purpose and you could feel what decision you should make next, but overall it was still very basic. I bought CXL because I was bored and expected to hate it but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm happier with it than I was the first day I had SC4. I remember SC4 out of the box was broken. Having said that, I'm not going to pay for Planet Offer after my trial is up. I'll wait 6 months then come back and see if the content is any good and if the prices have been lowered. But I'm confident that I'll be signing up for PO at some point in the future, and since CXL is already almost as good as Rush Hour, it'll be a lot better in a short while. If there's one complaint about Planet Offer it's that the prices seem too high. But if they can do updates once or twice a week and provide lots of content then maybe they won't have to lower prices at all. I'm just skeptical that people are going to pay so much money for so long. It's not a lot of money in and of itself but when you consider competing gaming experiences then in a comparative sense it's not a good value at all.