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  1. As someone who uses Fusion on a near daily basis, I can't recommend the program enough. It's a near fully-packed and very powerful 3D CAD software in a light package. It comes with with the customary solid modeling package with a great ability to switch from parametric, history based modeling to direct modeling (but it's a bit more difficult trying to switch back), surface t-spline modeling, a basic mesh editer, a cloud-based simulation capability and a rather good render. And a project to Drawing feature for when a draft is needed. All-in-all I think it's a great program. Especially for the price and the fact that it can run well on a basic computer (I had it running on a Pentium machine with 4gb of RAM and a low end graphics card!). I'm not affiliated with Autodesk or any of the Fusion development/advertising team, I just really like to use the program and i do nearly every day.
  2. Sickness City

    I just started playing Cities: Skylines and only a few hours in, I came upon something I never saw in SimCity 2013 or SimCity 4: the ENTIRE city was sick. Went from nearly 10k pop down to under 3k. I don't know why. It said that the health of the city was terrible but I had close to 8 health centers (clinics and hospitals). I just finished drawing up a highway and put in an incinerator so could that have done it? I don't have any other guess other than maybe a bug? No matter how many more health centers I put in, the city wouldn't get better and kept fluctuating in pop. It currently stands at ~4k. Any help for a newbie to Cities: Skylines here?
  3. Southwest Airlines 737-300

  4. Cessna Citation Mustang

  5. Wondering about a new game idea..

    I've had this sort of idea stewing around in my head for a while now. An actual realistic "game" about WWII. (Yeah I know, there's already tons of those out there.) Now I'm no gamer (but I like to play games) but what I'm talking about is not like COD. Well, sort of but not really. I'm kind of talking about combining COD, WOT, WarThunder and any untold number of games with the history books, orders of battle, eye witness accounts, etc - To make one game that can be very realistic to replicate actual fighting from WWII. From the sands of Tunisia to the streets Berlin; from the jungles of the Philippines to the beaches of Okinawa (gee, starts and ends with sand, I wonder if that tells you something..). I have many ideas for this if anyone can help. Since many of us here are pretty good on the history aspect it'd be pretty neat to get this community involved if anything happens, which I doubt although would be nice.
  6. BAT Request Thread

    I'm wondering if anyone could do The Jacob K. Javits Centere from New York City. It's convention center in the Hell's Kitchen section of Manhattan. It has over 1.8mil sq. ft. of total area space and over 840k sq. ft. of floor space. It is home to many annual events like the NY Boat Show and the NY International Auto Show. It houses many other events through out the year as well. It utilizes a space frame construction and, as you can see, is pretty much completely covered in glass except for a few areas. From pictures I see there looks to be a small dock and/or a small heliport in the rear of the entire building as well. I believe that that this could be utilized as a large convention center in the game and could bring many medium and high wealth CO and CS to a city along with a lot of high tech industry as they would want to get products out to showcase during various conventions and shows. Plus it looks good in my mind . It could also have a number of CS and CO jobs alone. Links! Links! Here are some links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_K._Javits_Convention_Center http://www.javitscenter.com/
  7. Well... It's going again... I tried starting the game but it kept minimizing during when loading.
  8. Yeah, to me it's just plain annoying, that CoT background. I wouldn't care if the background didn't have any animations or was completely animated, as long as it isn't the Cities of Tomorrow background.
  9. I have Cities of Tomorrow in my game but when I open the game, and it loads, that screen that tells me if I'm Single Player or Online mode has this horrible background animation (at least in my opinion). I've never seen the regular SimCity background so I'm wondering if there's a way to bring that up instead of having that Drab, bland Cities of Tomorrow background. Actually I just did a quick search and found it. This is what I'm talking about: I'd prefer to have that over that CoT one.
  10. Yeah. Thats kind of what I'm talking bout. A small-er police station with a court house. If any of have seen the Andy Griffith Show you'll probably understand it better. But I think it should be slight upgradeable. Not to the extent that other structures in the game can be but somewhat upgrade able. Add in a courthouse or offices on top. 1 or 2 more jail cells. Something along those lines. I'm kind of going to try to make Mayberry (from the Andy Griffith Show) in the game.
  11. Also how about some sheriff offices? If we just want a small town why not have some small police stations? A sheriff office and some smaller stations would be nice.
  12. Sort of like Mikeseiths 1960's automata? I've been thinking about asking that too. I'd like to see a mod for cars ranging from the 30's to the early 80's as well.