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  1. Blank map

    [quote name='MrJolteon' timestamp='1300715184'] [quote name='seals49' timestamp='1297697381']yo u have no water on this map and 100% fertile areas makes no sense. also Holidays suck... horrible[/quote]Listen, fertile areas don't have anything to do with the surface water.Fertile areas are where farmers plant crops, like an area where there used to be water.Holidays may suck[s], but it's a good way to get money, I think/[/s]because the hotels are there to take up place [/quote] Listen i was raised on a real farm and beleive me water is plant life without water nothing grows.
  2. The Mass Transit Discussion Thread

    We were promised mass tranist if we subcribed, well I did and guess what there is no mass transit in planet or solo mode not even a bus station. I can't even express the frustration of trying to build a hugh city with only highways, btw only way to connect to a highway is at the end. You can't make a junction and leaves you with expressways and avenues/small roads. The game dosen't give you time to plan a city cuz once connected to map money starts draining your account/400,000 dosen't last very long also buildings used to raise satisfaction are extremely expensive. Trade: pure laggggggggggggg!!!!!! and city stats update takes 5/9 min, and yeah I have a state of the art computer with all the trimmings. All this = total frustration/disappontment/depression. I will admit cities xl has tremondous potential but for now it's just a waste of time and money.