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  1. Region view on created maps (paint,config)

    I think I just figured it out, I'm not allowed to put larger maps on edges,only small med and then I can move my view
  2. timbuktu issue

    functional buildings and net work add on, I don't know exactly the names
  3. timbuktu issue

    Hi, its about making money tutorial map and big city tutorial map. Don't get me wrong I know how to play and I'm litle past tutorials lol but I was testing a couple plugins and stuff on one of these maps and I started it and then once it was done loading and I was on map view my whole game just shut down and this happen with the other city to. so i press alt ctrl delete to find out where the heck it went( if it was just hidden or something )and it wasent there.Plz help I don't realy need these maps but the bug( if it is a bug ) might spread or something and also on region view its laggy to move the view.
  4. Region view on created maps (paint,config)

    none of those answers helped guys, plz keep posting
  5. I creating new regions (paint, config) and on region view I can't full see the corner of the bottom right map, Because I can't scroll down (move my view any further) and I've tryed different region sizes from 8x8 to 32x32 pixels, so I don't think size is the issue. Plz help
  6. Region View

    i keep making regions but i cant completly see the corner of the bottom right map, I've tryed big as 32x32 pixel reigons and small as 8x8 so I don't think size of the region is the issue