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  1. Also, monorail, tram, light rail, etc. tends to increase desirability and land values in rl. How much do they contribute to noise compared to road traffic as represented in the game?
  2. Hey Dweller, I like your work. In regards to your Residential preference settings: R$ 70,30,0 R$$ 20,70,10 R$$$ 10,80,10 ...I'm thinking further discussion is merited. As you stated, NYC has a high incidence of mass transit users, therefore, those preferences seem fine for when starting out on the game, but the preferences should change as commute times, method of transport, accessibility for cultural venues by mass transit (people like to have fun), and wealth levels change. Your matrix addresses wealth levels a bit, and method of transport, but the segmentation of mass transit seems flawed, as well as the weight given to them by wealth class as population density rises. Is there a taxi solution available as well? Also, I'm curious as to any real life survey data which shows a demographic's preference for buses, taxis, subway, monorail, car, ferry, etc. How does people in NYC deal with buying lots of groceries? I'm wondering since I never lived there. Thanks for addressing any of the questions.