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  1. Hi, I was playing SC3000 so far, and just recently started SC4 Deluxe. It seems to me, that in SC4 there is no exact date, like in SC3000 there was a choice between 1900, 1950 and 2000. I like that feature, cause it looked like certain city features were available from a year they historically were discovered or designed. I noticed also, that since a player can play various cities with time being "independent" this complicates the whole matter. Has anyone considered playing in specific years? Even if by roleplay, e.g. our year 00 is 1900. Or maybe there is a mod? Thank you.
  2. Region view alignment

    CaptCity, Thank you! That was the problem. I had 1600x1200 resolution and after I lowered it the problem is now solved. I'll see later how it works with returning to higher res.
  3. Hi, I'm creating a region map in SC4 Deluxe, but I get this strange alignment between cities in north-south direction. East-west seems to be ok, as shown in the attached picture. It looks like it may be connected to using large sizes of the cities. Also it occured both when I was doing 4x4 large map from scratch in SC4, but replaced config.bmp with all blue pixels, and when I used SC4 Mapper. Anyone had that problem too? Thank you!