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  1. No. I wish I wouldn't have been an early adopter ($80 pre-order). Even without the launch issues the game is so full of bugs that it makes it more frustrating than fun to play at this point. Not to say the game is complete garbage, visually I think it really excels. I also think it will get fixed and be better in a couple months down the road. I just wish this was one of those games that I picked up a year or 2 after release on a Black Friday deal or something. With the map limitations it didn't take long before I just felt like I was doing the same thing over and over again, just building the same cities. I haven't played it in 2 weeks or so. I'll probably pick it up here and there every so often, but I'm not sure I ever see it being the type of game that I play all the time (like Simcity 4 was).
  2. DLC...What is worth it?

    To answer your question: No. I regret buying the Digital Deluxe version of the game.
  3. Picking a powerplant

    This is an example of where the city sizes really limit your options. If you want to have a basic solar or wind power plant it takes up a stupid amount of space. In real life they don't place those types of power plants in the middle of cities either, they put them in giant open spaces along highways. It's really impossible to realistically implement solar or wind which is really frustrating. I generally resort to using coal or oil with as many advancements as possible. The nuclear plants kick out a ton of power when the research projects are done, but they suck up a ton of water and if your city has any type of traffic jam people stop getting to school and you are at risk for a meltdown. Ran into that issue a couple times and had to shut down my nuclear plant.
  4. SimCity Update from Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis

    While I appreciate communication, I really appreciate timelines. It's been over 3 weeks and cheetah speed still isn't back in this game. And I'm honestly ok if it won't be back until next Friday, but I just want to know a ballpark of when these things will happen.
  5. I have a city where I don't have any tourist destinations, but I built the International Airport Great Work so they come visit my city anyway. They were jamming up the streets so I decided to follow a couple of the cars. I can confirm just from following those that the AI is busted on tourist cars. To an asinine level.
  6. Anyone else lost interest?

    I want to like this game so much, but I do find my interest waning. My last good binge I had a city with trains, streetcars, and a good bus system . Yet my roads were still always covered in traffic which would back everything up. I clicked on a random car and then clicked the follow button and watched it drive in a loop 15 times in a row. Eventually it moved to a different section of the city but then just did a loop there 12 times in a row. Bugs that ruin your city really suck.
  7. It is possible and will be back! I check in on the SimCity Twitter handle a couple times a day to see if cheetah is back. Getting tired of reading "cheetah will be restored when the servers have been stabilized". And they refuse to give even an estimate on when the servers will be stable. Basically, this Tuesday the game will have been out for 2 weeks and it still won't have what I consider a core gameplay element.
  8. Agreed. I find myself multitasking while playing the game because it's moving too slow. Really has hindered my enjoyment of the game.