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  1. saltroca

    I'll drop a link to a good screen shot in a day or two thanks jacqulina
  2. saltroca

    I don't think it was a funding issue with the garbage as I didnt really mess with the funding structure at that point, Give me another day or two and I'll try out what I think might be the cause, I've still to get the RCI demand back up so when that happens I should have more news. Good observation though but not the right one, thank you for your input.
  3. saltroca

    I'm slowly rebuilding astralasia, but it has a new name of saltroca now. Until evil Dr Vu set up his operations in the small city, saltroca had a large cabin, this was taken out by a stray missile that was meant to blow up his operations. police said it was an unfortunate incident. After the aftermath and clearing of the debris a new cabin stands in it's place. The transport and water sector were hit hardest with funding issues due to a decline in RCI demand, But hopefully we've just got over the brink and can now start raising the funding to bring demand back up. When everything evens out I'll try and recreate the problem I had the first time, I think I may know what caused it.
  4. saltroca

    Obliterating a city isn't good in any situation, I know they are only sims but I loved each and every one of them....
  5. saltroca

    Yeah, I have no idea about editing lots myself, if it happens again i'll take note on what buildings i have in the city then slowly narrow it down, mmm...didnt think i'd be a bug tester What I will attempt to do is recreate the problem and set the city up as I had it before, so give me a couple of days and I should have some intel on the problem.
  6. saltroca

    I did notice quite a lot of farly's foundrys popping up all over the place, I have tried locating the .dat file on my computer but no luck, Is it in the actual game?
  7. saltroca

    As i said, I had 2 landfills, one just to the left of the four filter towers, which might add did nothing to clean the air... And the other one was in the right hand corner along with 4 garbage chutes. The roads were being upgraded slowly when the time came, but thanks for your observation.
  8. saltroca

    With a large garbage and water problem that I tried to fix over a 2 day period real life period spending about 6 hours a night trying to fix, I don't know how many days it was in simolean? My mayor rating plummeted and everyone left so I decided to call it a day....I don't see how 4,500 sims can produce so much garbage, I had 4 recycle centers and 2 landfills, It still wasn't enough? Along with my water pumps being constantly shut down .... I think I'll have a 2 day break from this and try again, so keep an eye on this thread. yes, I killed the city....the screenshot of it being obliterated....
  9. saltroca

    Hi, I'm a complete *****ie to this site and to SC4, But I have been playing SC3 for about 5 years so atleast I know the basics.... A few weeks back I bought SC4 and tonight is basically the first time I've played it so this is my first city with this, I couldn't get some of the download packs to work yet cause I just want to play this, but I'm liking this already. So far I'm just bunging stuff together ....I have a trash problem at the moment and no matter how many recycle points garbage dumps/incinerators I put in theres still loads of trash everywhere? Heres a night and day shot of only a quarter of my city at the moment so you'll probably recognise some parts from the pegasus packs and tell me what I'm missing.... Thanks I'll more than likely be uploading more pics soon of the various places of my city....