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  1. Making bridges out of NWM?

    I just found out that avenues to MAVE-6 transitional piece can have one way roads coming out of the avenue side So I simply made 2 one way bridges. Thanks for the info guys.
  2. Making bridges out of NWM?

    Dang, thats a bummer. Hmm......How do you downsize a 6 lane piece?
  3. Making bridges out of NWM?

    Hey, is it possible to make a bridge out of the NWM dual roads? I tried just dragging it, but it just makes a single tile road, and I set up my town where there is a 6 lane road going down and I need it to cross a body of water, but I don't know how. Thanks.
  4. Traffic disappearing randomly?

    Ah, thanks for the reply. Yet again the query function shows its worth.
  5. Hey guys. Sometimes I like to follow the traffic around, but then I notice many cars and stuff just randomly disappear. It seems kinda weird and I'm not sure if it is a bug and if there is a fix(which is why I'm asking). Thanks.