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  1. Metro stations? I'm definitely considering it. I have more time in the summer now since there's no school. Is there a particular station you were interested in? I also need to read up on the recent happenings in C:S. I've been away for over a year, so I'm sure a lot has progressed both in terms of mods and modding tools. Thanks so much for the reply
  2. Hiya, Skyliners! I've been playing Skylines since right around when it came out. In SimCity 4, I created a good bit of custom content, and I'm back at it again in C:S. The upcoming Metro Overhaul mod has really gotten me excited about creating some hometown trains for the game. So, I'm going to be focusing on some transit vehicles and stations from the Washington, D.C. area. Here's some schematics of some of the vehicles in the system; I do plan to make many of them, including some earlier Metrorail cars in the series. First, I am modeling the new WMATA 7000 Series trains (the bottom one in the above image), which are being introduced to the D.C. Metrorail system as they phase out some of their older models. Here is my take so far. I would love some advice on what details to model and what to bake into the normals. As of now, I am thinking about just using normals for the windows, doors, and the lights. I am also working on a subway station model that is a common design for many D.C. stations, but I will wait to show that because I'd like to focus on the vehicle modeling, since that is my weakest skill. Thank you for viewing, commenting, feedbacking. And thank you very much to @Mr_Maison for giving me tips and encouraging me to start a thread. Edit: For the record, my username used to be DCMetro34, so some of you may know me by that.
  3. *dusts off thread* Well, it's certainly been a while. I hope you all are doing well out in Skylines modder world. It's funny because the last time I posted we were all excited for MOM and now it's Mass Transit that's taken Skylines by storm. So, my mod is still timely, as it turns out. School and work kept my busy since the last time I posted, but now that it's break I have some more time to continue. I've done some UVW mapping and general texturing for my model and wanted to share my progress with you all. I have not "pushed back" the windows or doors... perhaps it might be better to do this in normal mapping? I also had a question regarding a little blip in my render. If you see the image below, you'll notice that in the red circle I drew, it seems that some of the background of my bitmap is getting into my texture. I can even see a little green from the outline of the UVW template. However, my texture completely covers all the green outlines and black space that the model takes up, so I'm unsure where this is coming from. Does anyone else have a similar experience? (And yes, I have not textured the wheels yet so the green outline of the bitmap can be seen there. However, the other side of the train looks much nicer, go figure. I'll keep playing around with the bitmap and see if anything changes. Also, what do you guys think about the flag stripe? I may take it out because with the contour of the train, it is hard to get right (it's not right against the front of the train because of the curved front). If you guys really like the stripe, I may just flatten the front so it looks better, otherwise, I'll just extend the gray side of the train. The flag stripe was in the prototype for the new WMATA subway cars, but did not make it into the final design that is on the rails now. As always, thanks a bunch for your feedback!
  4. GLR/Subway Transit Hub



    GLR/Subway Transit Hub LOTting by Nilo7 MODding by B22rian Size: 328 KBs Overview: This is my second Lot. It is a similar style to my GLR to Subway Transfer Station, obviously the only difference is the second GLR track in the front. I'd like to thank Cogeo, McDrye, and the RTMT Team for creating the props that I used as dependencies in this Lot. Functionality: This is hub, so that is how it functions in SC4. Commuters can transfer between any one of the lines. Stats: Size: 3x3 tiles Plop cost: 200 Power: 0 Water: 0 Monthly Cost: 90 Pollution: 4 over 6 tiles Capacity: 50,000 -You can find this hub under the rapid transit tab under Transportation, along with the other subway/el rail/GLR stations. Dependencies: Sorry, there are 4 dependencies, they're all small though. London Underground Station Resized by McDrye Semi-Transparent Train Station Models by Cogeo Roadtop Mass Transit V3 Installers by the RTMT Team JRJ Pedestrian Overpasses 1 by Jeronij http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1031 Note: I have included a DAT file labeled "RTMTV3_PropF_Subway_McDrye_Black". It is created by Cogeo, not me. You will need this DAT file for the two black subway entranace props behind the real subway entrance. This is an optional detail, you can keep it or remove it. Note: For the last dependency, you will need to have an account at the BSC Lex to have access to download it. Once you are signed in, you should see a download link. The BSC LEX homepage is here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/Default.htm If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Hope you enjoy! Thanks, Nilo7
  5. Bipin's American Roadsign Collection

    Vintage American roadsigns - they look very nice and detailed, thanks
  6. It's funny actually, I had never seen the train in person until recently and was going solely based off the schematic, but you bring up a good point, and I am going to remodel the front. I am also going to punch in the windows, as was advised above. Thanks! And, I'm currently crafting some nice smoke and fire animations for the occasional arcing incident. As for me, I have been pretty busy moving and getting ready for the new school year, but I should have something to show you all soon that is not just text.
  7. Oh, okay, yeah, I was just going to create separate geometry and overlay above the train side if I did that method. I'm using the 3DS Max student version, also. This makes sense, to avoid the bleeding into the main texture, anyway. But, that would sort of defeat the purpose of having them pushed back into the train wall. I guess I could create the separate window geometry and union it with the train side. Right now, the train side is pretty low poly, so if I was going to mesh edit and just negatively extrude certain parts of the side for the windows, I'd recreate the train side with more segments for the windows and then reduce the number of polys by combining them after the windows have been inlaid via mesh editing. Or at least that's probably the easiest way I'd know how to do it. The side does not have any vertical segments, so I can't edit the current mesh (see below). Although, it is a mere 30 polys as of now!
  8. Sorry, @Darf and @Mr_Maison, but I honestly don't know what you referring to with the technique. Would the separate faces method be done in the editable mesh rollout? Or is there a name for this technique so I could look up a tutorial? Sorry for the newbiness..
  9. Well, it may help another modeler somewhere in the future, as well. I will try out just pushing back the doors and not the door windows. I was thinking that might be the best move. I don't think tris will be too much of an issue, but I'll see. Is there any reason why you'd push back sets of windows rather than each? Wouldn't that look a little weird on the train? And by the lighting comment, you mean illuminating the entire portion that is set back? Sorry, I was a little confused there. Shortening my train is probably a good idea for the tighter curves in the EL system. The D.C. system can afford to have longer trains (75 feet) because there aren't any hairpin turns; it's all wide radius. I originally made my train longer than 75 feet because my front was wider than the 10 feet, to keep it in proportion. I think I need to scale it down all around. I'll post some more pics tomorrow after I fiddle around with the windows and doors later.
  10. No, not critical at all, I really, really appreciate your feedback. Thanks much for the advice on the windows and doors. Were you saying I should create separate boxes for the windows and doors and then inlay them into the side mesh somehow? Or just work them into the side mesh and depress them a little into the side of the train. Obviously, they would need to be set back a little, I was just wondering how you normally go about doing that. Yeah, I understand what you mean about the "flatness" of some trains cars. Skylines affords us a lot more room for detail with models, whereas you could get by in SC4 using boxy designs. That's why I modeled in some of the details on the bottom - the level of detail required is really at another level for C:S, which is a good thing. The bleeding from the windows is another great reason to model them separately. However, for the windows on the doors, would I need to depress those into the door to avoid bleeding on the door? So the door would be set back and then the window of the door would be set back even further. Thanks so much for passing your tips along, this will save me a lot of time down the road. It's funny, because the train is actually 25 meters in length. However, I think I made the front a little wider than proportion, so I might need to extend the model a little bit, anyway. The Metro cars always look really elongated compared to other systems, in my opinion, anyway. Again, thank you very much for the comment!! I did not see it as criticism, but rather some friendly and much needed advice. P.S. and based on the beginning of your message, I am not sure if you meant to post it in the thread, but it may enlighten other people in their modding endeavors so I'll reply here.
  11. @Darf Thank you very much for the welcome and the SC4 compliment! Wasn't expecting that, honestly, I didn't realize my work was too revered in the SC4 realm. Well, in this render, I added more details to the bottom. Just to see how it looks, though. So, you don't think you'd be able to see it in game? I mean, it may not factor in to the LOD at all, but up close, I thought it might be neat. I'll see how it goes poly and tri wise. @Judazzz Thank you very much, as well! You are active in the forum and your feedback is always welcome and of good use. So, I have a little quick update tonight. I redid the front of the train front and executed the mesh editing better there. I also redid the roof to make it not only smoother but also have fewer polys and tris. I modeled a few more details on the bottom, but as I mentioned above, I am on the fence about whether to keep them. I'm pretty much done with adding new geometry, for the most part. Just trimming polys and tris here and there and maybe removing those undercarriage details. I'm currently at 1,542 polys and tris each. This is the train engine, so there will only be about 1,000 for each trailer, at most, because the front of the car is flat. I am not sure of what limits or guidelines for polys and tris there are in C:S, but I saw some people in the Paradox forum talking about having 2,500 - 3,000 for automobiles, so I think I am golden. Onto to UVW mapping.
  12. Los Rico

    Welcome to the community! This is the right place for your post, don't worry. I like your city a lot! It looks very efficient, and that is some highway interchange!! I look forward to more!
  13. Project X

    I can't believe no one responded to this! I really love how the trees and plants you've placed in game along with the terrain mod - they're realistic. I like your choice of trains, too. You have a good eye for detail. Can't wait for more!
  14. Northern Valethorn Area WIP

    beautiful!! I have been following your CJ for a while and have admired your attention to detail.
  15. Cori's DataView - Moisture

    I have been following this in your thread.. brilliant work here, 5/5 would recommend
  16. Hey everyone! As many of you know, I am a fan of SC4 and Skylines! This time, I am hoping to showcase to you some of my most recent Skylines works. As some of you might know, I am a transit guy, so prepare for some transit-heavy cities! Oh, and also prepare for my commentary. I apologize in advance for the amount of grain in the pictures - I'm going to fiddle with the graphics settings for the next update. I thought it had a vintage feel, which I thought was alright for a smaller town. But.. some of the quality is not so good. Pointers are welcome for taking pictures as well as for city building! First off, let's get a feel for the city with an overview showing our first two bus lines. Route 2 (yellow) connects the western residential portion of the city to the eastern industrial district. Route 4 (green) connects the business district to the residential district and to Route 2 on the west side. From day one, our fire services were overworked! A fire in the industrial district.. maybe this is excusable! But at the high school?! It took a full 3 minutes in real-life time for the engines and pumpers to show up.. that's a lot of waiting for me. .... And they didn't exactly come in the nick of time.. Quick! Let's hop on the news helicopter... seems like they came even later than the fire trucks.. no more fire here, guys! How about a nice relaxing view from the football field before we draw this first update to a close. Ah, so tranquil... for the time being, right? But the hustle and bustle of city life can never be too far around the corner. (P.S. that sure is a nice high school! ) Until next time (and that's pretty soon), Nilo7
  17. I thought I was doing something wrong or having a brain fart (maybe I still am) but Bipin's CURB walls will just not show up in-game for me. They are supposed to be in the parks menu, but they are not in any menu. I have the entire package in Plugins... the lots, models, desc files. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nilo7
  18. Bipin walls don't show up

    Thank you very much for the response! I do have this download, yes, although I was missing a couple dependencies from the allotment set. Thank you very much, as well! I had the remodeled and retextured walls. I am going to remove the walls and correctly install the WMP allotment wall dependencies and then install the walls again.
  19. Bipin walls don't show up

    Thank you very much for the reply. I did download that and it's funny because those show up in my parks menu but the walls don't. When I plop those, I get the trails and other lots. Maybe I downloaded the wrong dependency.
  20. In this tutorial, we go over the process to reskin a vehicle (or automata) in SimCity 4.
  21. Burger King v2.0

    Great work, Clayton!!