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  1. Police Administration Building

    [quote name='portlander420' timestamp='1322267341'] [quote name='bleakstyle' timestamp='1075675055']why I can't see the building but am empty plaza with few cars?[/quote]idk im wondering the same it also happens with police headquarters [/quote] Same issue :\
  2. Region View

    I havn't been able to figure out why some tows show up blurry, and others don't.. this has happened on multiple computers, with no mods, versions ranging from when the game first came out, up to now with the current version... my graphics are set around medium in the game. I'm running a 3200 AMD Duel Core, Win XP, 1g RAM, nVidea Geforce 6550 (I think it's 6550, I can't remember, but it's really close to that, I don't feel like checking) honestly, I'm not too worried about it, but I was hoping I could find a way to fix the issue, or at least know why it's happening, cuz I'm really fond of the Region View Thanks, -Mason