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  1. Pics coming soon

    Hello to all! This is a city I am making for my friend TooBrightToSea. She is a huge Muse fan. Also when it is done, I will make a youtube video out of it. Pics might take a while considering I have to make the CJ in my mom's laptop. My cities are on my dad's computer. Well, Enjoy the wait!
  2. Would Someone Be Willing To Build This

    so thats where it is. alright
  3. Who is up for the Challenge?

    ummm ok i guess. but really want to see wembly stadum n sc4.
  4. Who is up for the Challenge?

    I was looking around this website, and noticed that Wembly Stadium is not on here D: So i decided to post this which will hopefully reveal my dream of seeing wembly stadium in simcity4. Here is a view from helie http://images.businessweek.com/ss/06/12/1216_wow/image/08_webley.jpg Here is one of the entrance http://www.londoncolleges.com/filemanager/root/site_assets/working_in_london/daylight_aerial_1.jpg And here is one from ground view. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3041/2999726641_012fdafbc8.jpg?v=0 Well i hope some of the best BAT designers see this. then i can finally see wembly stadium in sc4. If you do please notify me if you are doing this. I would like to know firsthand.