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  1. What Are Your System Specs?

    Mac Pro, 2007 (1,1) 2.66GHz Quad-Core Xeon 8GB RAM Radeon 5870 1GB at 1920x1200 120GB SSD + 1TB HDD OS X 10.10.2 Works great with fairly high settings! The video card fan unfortunately makes an awful noise because it's partially catching on something, but I'm willing to put up with it for a while until I get a new machine. Being able to play a new game on a seven year old beast is pretty awesome.
  2. Steam/App Store Version and Left-Hand Drive

    I tried changing the Info.plist setting to no avail, but I found another method that works! Inside the app bundle, in Contents/GameData, I renamed English to UKEnglsh and the game picked up the new language automatically with cars on the left side of the road.
  3. I'm curious... can the Steam and App Store version of SimCity 4 Deluxe for Mac be switched to left-hand drive mode where vehicles drive on the left side? I've had my Windows copy of SC4 set up this way since I lived in Australia several years ago and I'd like to keep my regions intact.
  4. Originally posted by: tungston It may be because you are using a very high resolution, over 1600x1200.quote> I do have a 1920x1200 display. After re-saving the thumbnails seem fine at 1280x1024, but 1600x1200 still causes problems.
  5. I'm having some graphics corruption issues - the bottom part of region view city thumbnails are all clipped. It happens every time I save a city. I've tried all sorts of options with my video card drivers but nothing seems to work. My specs are: Mac Pro 8GB RAM GeForce 8800GT Windows XP (Running natively with Boot Camp)
  6. I've installed Windows 7 (32-bit) on my Mac Pro, updated all the drivers, and then installed SimCity 4 Rush Hour. For some reason SimCity 4 is very slow in the city view, but smooth and fine in region view. SC4 worked fine in Windows XP and Windows Vista, so I'm not sure why this would happen. Has anyone else experienced this with a Mac Pro, or perhaps the same issues with another configuration in Windows 7?
  7. NAM General Discussion Thread

    Personally, I'm still looking forward to the 3-way highway intersections that were shown a while ago...
  8. NAM General Discussion Thread

    Date: 7/29/2004 2:04:23 AM Author: Duke87 Anyway- About the 'half cloverleaf' thing. it's interesting, but I can't imagine why someone would want an incomplete interchange. The road to road interchange seems like a much better Idea to me. We can already make overpasses, so why not interchanges?quote> Much agreed - we need to change focus here
  9. NAM General Discussion Thread

    I think this is what a lot of people want: It's NE Marine Dr. in Portland, Oregon where two 2-lane roads cross each other. Marine Dr. is the east-west road and is the main highway, so the other road goes under it.
  10. NAM General Discussion Thread

    Thanks Tropod - I'll apply your strategy and see if it helps . Great work on the mod - I'm using just about every piece of it in my cities!
  11. NAM General Discussion Thread

    Date: 7/24/2004 6:59:31 AM Author: @ Antipex I don't think it's related to NAM, but here's a question for you: HOW do you know the sims are taking that route? It crosses several cities, but you can't query it good enough to know they take that route???quote> I know for sure because I can query the vehicles from city to city, and they all keep going without stopping from place to place. (DUH)
  12. NAM General Discussion Thread

    Just wondering if this has anything to do with the NAM, like a bug or something...About 9,000 sims are driving on a freeway from one city, into another, then another, then BACK to the first city, then to another city, and finally back to the third city. Why would sims want to leave a city, then return, going far out of the way, when a freeway links the other two in the same cities that would make it much easier?? Could this be fixed?
  13. NAM General Discussion Thread

    Well for some things it's just obvious how they work...there's no reason why ped mall tiles shouldn't work for residential zones as well as commercial and industrial! It's really stupid to work that way...I'm smart enough to figure out how things work without reading a damn README file, but when something doesn't work that by all means SHOULD, I usually assume it's a bug...
  14. NAM General Discussion Thread

    I'm having some problems with the ped mall tiles...I'm using the latest version of the NAM. It seems that in some places people can't get to the buildings when they are oriented to the tiles...
  15. NAM General Discussion Thread

    Is it possible to have puzzle piece on and off ramps?? I think it'd be pretty cool