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  1. Russian Church

    Looks just like the church I went to when I lived in Russia!
  2. sim building

    :( pitiful.
  3. Havoc Guard Station

    Perfect for the cammo dudes at Area 51!
  4. pipe

    Well I dont see any use in my city so I'll give it a OK but good for your first time =)
  5. Electronic Toll Booth

    Perfecto! I love it. Now all my cars dont disappear when they end up at a toll booth *evil grin*
  6. Your worst traffic jam pics

    Where is this Mod where I can make trafic extremely well bad.
  7. fun screen shots

    lol Thats not what I Usally do. I usally take my sims cars and make crashes (Thanks to the Speed Enhancer Modd) one time I was going to fast and I hit a police car and it spun off the map into the unknown grey squares...http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/images/smilies/14.gif>
  8. fun screen shots

    http://www.sighost.us/members/AVCIA/tanksfiretwo.jpg> I downloaded Peg's little Acro thingy-wing-ding and I had trouble bulldozing it so I took matters in my own hands. http://www.sighost.us/members/AVCIA/whereididpplgo.jpg> Self Explanatory.
  9. CS16x6Lowes Knows

    Very good! Excellent work but I would appericate it if it was plopable but it is very good! I hope to see more