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  1. BSC Raised Park Request Set 01

    Very nice! My request: Lowered Park (the opposite to this). I see them all the time in urban areas.
  2. UK High Street Shops Tonkso Set 3

    Great looking! Can you make some 2x1 lots looking identical for Set 4? Also a subway station to fill the set? Great for a historic shopping district!
  3. Plop n Go Fair Kit

    That's okay - there are many BATers here - that would be a good kit for Pegasus to make next (the PEG Exhibition kit)
  4. Plop n Go Fair Kit

    Looks good although I can't wait for more packages! Hopefully some more rides and activities will be designed!
  5. NDEX Greystone Church by DT

    Great lot! Don't let the ACLU find out about it though in the Theocracy of Simtropolis!
  6. Suburban Mall

    It says there are 47 stores? That looks like more like 147 - are you sure that isn't a typo? Realistic suburban malls like that often have more than 100 stores, especially when they are on multiple levels.
  7. Century Movie Theater

    Finally a movie theatre for the SimSuburbs! The suburbanites will love this!!!
  8. Small Suburban Terminus

    Nice looking lot for a rural area, but a suburban terminus needs to be bigger than 500 and needs to have a decent-sized building; after all, it will be picking up all those beyond the train line (since a park-and-ride would need to be built too).
  9. Eastland Grand Underground Station

    This first very nicely in the downtown areas...
  10. Sears Department Store

    Great looking! You might want to update the logo though to make it look like it was built/renovated in 2005...
  11. Hechts Department Store

    Great to see the SimSuburbs getting a competitor for the Living Mall in the SimDowntown!
  12. Club Deja Vu Showgirls

    Great looking lot! 9/10 (drop 1 point as I disagree with the concept but it looks perfect) Can you add a family fun center to counter for this?
  13. NDEX Grand Aqua Mall by Superstar

    Whoever gave it a 1 is probably blind...
  14. Hummer H2 Automata

    Does pollution increase as a result of them?
  15. The Cross

    Give him a break. There are Christians around here to celebrate Easter!