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  1. MetLife Building

    Sorry...saved a bat file not a zip. It's fixed now.
  2. Helmsley Building

    Thanks Simfanheatermayor....both the issues you addressed have been corrected. I added a water requirement and incressed the traffic capacity from 1000 to 7500. Hopefully that's enough. Swi21...any suggestions would be nice, not just "The textures, realy, could be much better! ".
  3. Helmsley Building

    Yes, it comes with jobs. I changed the description based on rhino's feedback.
  4. Helmsley Building

    Version 2


    The Helmsley Building (Warren & Wetmore) also known as 230 Park Avenue was built in 1929 as the headquarter for the New York Central Railroad Co. ver 2. Fixes the Water and Traffic problems. General Information Plop Cost: $125000 Lot Size: 7X4 Wealth: Medium Wealth Pollution: Air (3 over 7 tiles) Water (7 over 6 tiles) Garbage (15 over 0 tiles) Power Consumed: 76 Demand Created: 2516 CO$$
  5. MetLife Building

    Ok...fixed the textures. It is still just a landmark plopable. I was testing a version with jobs, but not sure how many to add. Tried around 6500+, but my city didn't have enough demand. It was pretty stable around 2000+ CO$$$. Any ideas?
  6. MetLife Building

    Another comment on texturing. I understand the MetLife Building is currently being restored to it's orginal white quartz exterior. Anyone in NYC who could send me some recent photos?
  7. MetLife Building

    Yes, my first BAT, and no it's not the same building that was done a long time ago. I'm not sure why the base is so bright, it doesn't look like that in the BAT. Must be something with the lighting. Any suggestions? As for the comments, thanks, and I'll work on another versions.
  8. MetLife Building

    Version 3


    The history of the MetLife Building begins in 1954 as part of the plan to reconstruct Grand Central Terminal. Erwin S. Wolfson developed the project in the early 1960's with the assistance of the architects Emery Roth and Sons, Walter Gropius and Pietro Belluschi. When the doors of 200 Park Avenue opened on March 7, 1963, it was known as "The Pan Am Building" and was the focal point of Park Avenue. Today, this building is known as "The MetLife Building 200 Park Avenue." It stretches from East 43rd Street to East 45th Street and offers direct access to Grand Central Terminal, an important transportation hub in New York City. The file contains a CO$$ plopable and a combination Grand Central and MetLife Building lot. The later was based on a request from several users in order to maintain proper spacing between streets and avenues in custom NYC maps.