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  1. Post Your Picture Here!

    Privet. Kak ti tak po-angliyski horosho govorish i zhivesh v Rossii. Translation: Hello. How come you speak English so well when you live in Russia.
  2. Post Your Picture Here!

  3. Auckland City New Zealand

    Sky Tower is already on STEX
  4. Rodina

    Mne nravitsya. Davay bol'she.
  5. GDV Yacht Club

    Very Good!
  6. The Colosseum

    Great Job. Bring your canal set for SCC here and see downloads fly(Just joking)
  7. Garden Russia

    How many Russians are there on Simtropolis anywas?
  8. Garden Russia

    Thank you for that. I lived in Russia for the my first 15 years.
  9. Auckland Skytower

    Great job. Thank you.
  10. THE Greater Auckland Region

    Good map. Any time for Wellignton one? :)
  11. SCPD Downtown Police Precinct

    Does it replace the original Police station? Thank you