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  1. I have 3ds Max 2011 and sketchup 8 (not pro). Now i heard that you can export from sketchup 8 straight to 3ds max but i can't because 3ds max says it can only export models from sketchup 7 but when i had a free trial of sketchup 8 pro i had exported a model to 3dsmax and it worked but the model was gray and it had horrible black shadow on the side. So without pro i cant get any thing from sketchup 8 to 3dsmax 2011.
  2. Pretty good Idea but its hard to give feedback about your building because it's made out of lego but still I think that you have to make it taller because you want a superlative building in the epicenter of your city looking superior over all others. Also next time use a program like B.A.T not a lego generator. Nice idea, good start. P.S. Out of curiosity what program are using?
  3. I have downloaded the SC4bat before but for some reason I got rid of it. I have a problem with getting bat back. See on the simcity website i have ' forgotten' my pass word and i've tried making a new account but the registration says, no matter what I type in, that the username is already used. So I can't download the SC4 B.A.T so I can't export in GMAX and I can't have Bat4max because of this problem.
  4. McDRye tries BAT again..

    Now that building is amazing but the thing that upsets me is that there is not one tutorial that can teach you how to make night lighting like that and on the omnibus there's only one night lighting tutorial. Amazing job by the way.
  5. Peninsula HK Hotel

    This is an amazing bat, love it. Also, this building is in the movie 'The Dark Knight' where fox meets lau in Hong Kong. stunning work though.
  6. Automata Modding Workshop

    I'm glad you liked my model. I will try to get a render soon and put it in simcity but It might not look so good but I'll try.
  7. Automata Modding Workshop

    Well I read what you guys are doing and then I saw andisart's inspiration photos so I thought I might have a go. This is my model of a freight train for simmars. It may be under scale or too skinny but I'll fix that later because this is only the basis of what I'm trying to achieve.
  8. SketchUp Designers

    I haven't used version 7 yet because I'm downloading it now so I don't know the difference between 7 and 8 but I did find this on wikipedia, 'On September 1, 2010, SketchUp 8 was released. Improvements include model geo-location with Google Maps, color imagery and more accurate terrain, match photo improvements,Building Maker integration, and scene thumbnails. Support for Mac OS X Tiger was dropped in this version.' Most of that Isn't too important because I wouldn't notice those improvements but there could still be improvements that aren't mentioned here.
  9. Do any of U people use the cheats?

    I use cheats and find that it isn't a problem, use them if you must there the only way to get what you want right away. Also, I'm sure a lot of people use them in cj's because you can't play the game and get those results. I think the game is so much better with the cheats.
  10. SketchUp Designers

    I have sketchup 8, normal version, and when I try to import the sketchup file into 3ds max 2011 it says, 'File version: 8.x Sketchup Files only up to Version 7 are supported,' so it doesn't work. Is there any way around this other than downloading sketchup 7.
  11. Sketchup to GMAX (100% free)

    I'm having problem's with getting the kerkythea toolbar onto sketchup because you didn't explain that. Xyloxadoria, yes you're right but how dark because too dark or too light we then have a problem so we would have to do the process again.
  12. Sketchup to GMAX (100% free)

    Great find Tower Dude, this will help many sketchup users also just making sure that we don't need pro to work this because some people leave that out by mistake.
  13. Cities XL on Steam for 4.99$

    Wow something good coming out of steam that's a surprise. I've got say that i totally despise steam it's nothing but problems but still that is a good bargain.
  14. Autodesk 3dsMax for Free Legally

    Awesome, thanks, I will surely try it.
  15. Autodesk 3dsMax for Free Legally

    OK, just checking, I'm not in uni and I'm far from it because I'm in year 8 but I still do have an email that ends in edu so am I able to have this offer even though I'm much younger. Also, do you think my school would be okay with it because obviously they will find out about it. Thanks in advance.