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  1. Improved Worker Data In Rollover

    Version 1.0


    This is based on the original Extended Worker Data in Rollover mod however it removes the bug where the display added the number of workers in a building to the number of available jobs which made it appear as if more jobs were available than was actually the case. This mod now displays the number of jobs in a building as the game reports them. The mod only shows the jobs available on the current shift. If a building doesn't have opening hours then it's total job capacity is double the amount shown (day shift and night shift). These are the numbers used by the employment statistics in the population details screen. A few clarifications: The Population Details screen will tell you how many jobs there are vs how many workers you have. This is a simple A - B equation and does not represent the real state of affairs. In reality you may have unemployed Sims because they couldn't get to a job before giving up and going home. This is why despite the Population Details screen saying you have zero unemployment and zero available jobs that not every job generating building will be full. There appears to be a bug with plopped buildings like the Fire Station where the number of jobs they generate doesn't take into account any upgrades you have added. For example a new Fire Engine Garage will add 10 low wealth and 2 mid wealth jobs per shift to a Fire Station; however while this change is reflected in the rollover the Fire Station will not employ any additional Sims beyond it's starting value (10 and 3) and will report the same total jobs to the population details screen (26). This appears to be a bug in the base game and I don't have the knowledge to fix it.
  2. Riprap Seawall Addon

    Thankyou! These have turned into my favourite seawall and diagonal pieces were exactly what was needed. Thankyou! I think the only thing that would make this set even better would be curves but no pressure
  3. SimCity 4.5

    Sorry I've not responded to the thread sooner but I've been very busy since the initial post and unable to spend time on forums. I'm glad at the positive response to this idea and I hope it can make the transition to a reality. I'm not an active member of the community myself. I only really check thing son occassion but I was hoping to spark into action a project I think should exist even if I don't have the time personally to devote to it that it needs. I'm also not aware of how the relationship between the different exchanges operates. It's clear that at some point there was some kind of schism in the community that meant Simtropolis didn't get the latest updates of certain mods and bats. Again I hope this isn't something that would stop a project like this I would love to see the NAM and CAM projects included in this. I'm happy to be part of a selection commity for this but I can't lead it. However that said a project like this will require some actual code support from somewhere. Specifically a proper configuration utility that can be used to switch the geographic theme of your game and manage the mod folders for the inexperienced. The ability to change from a Hong Kong theme to a Paris theme easily would be required for example. Essentially I see this as a first step. A piec eof tooling that can manage the mods folder effectively users can add files to a Mod definition (such as putting all of Pegs MTP files into a single definition that can be activated or deactivated at the click of a button). With such a tool generating an expansion would be made much easier. It does require somebody to have the time and knowledge to create such a tool though.
  4. SimCity 4.5

    Regardless of what I think of SCS it strikes me that we may be nearing the end of an era for Sim City 4. I only discovered the mod scene for SC4 recently and I have many friends who love SimCity 4 who never even knew there were any new buildings for it. My biggest problem though was the SC4 mod scene is incredibly hard to navigate, tracking down dependencies and even just finding the good looking buildings that were also balanced with gameplay has eaten up entire weekends. I see the Simtropolis 1000 project and I'll watch it but there seems to be a far more immediate thing that the entire community can accomplish. SimCity 4.5 - Collate the best, brightest and most ambitious bats, lots, plops and mods into a single installer. I don't mean the Stex I mean taking the very cream of the crop, rebalancing and tweaking them all to work together and presenting a community expansion for the greatest game in the world. What I believe should form the rules for what makes the cut (subject to change natch and my own opinion): To Qualify for inclusion a mod must do one of the following:Fix an inherent bug in the game. Fix an inherent imbalance in the game. Fills a gap present in the game (IE High Capacity Bus Stations, RTMT). Look really really awesome. In addition the following rules apply:Only one of it's kind in the expansion (IE there is only one Urban Train Station not 4). Must have standardized menu graphics and fits sensibly into men u organization. Must be balanced for gameplay. Must be easy to use. Include all dependencies within the SimCity 4.5 expansion. Something of this format would require file mirrors (as I imagine it to be huge) in the same way that big mods for other games do. Fortunately these can all be used easily and the expense of hosting such a large file can be shifted off of places like Simtropolis. Let Fileplanet deal with the load It would be horrible for SCS to pull a community apart (some will stay, some will go but a new game always fractures communites) and the all the modders should be seen to put something together that might be considered the pinnacle of the community. I would hate to see all these wonderful buildings, mods and lots all just dissappear into the depths of the net as people wander off and Site slike Simtropolis lose the funding to maintain the huge archives. SimCity 4.5 would fill whatever gap there is between now and SCS or SimTrop1000. That is all.