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  1. I have always been confused by this stat. Does anyone know where you find it out? Its strange, I have a city with 1.2 million people, but never been offered an university. All my schools are in great condition. I am also building a new city that is up to 18,000 people, but I haven't been offered one. Does anyone why this would occured. Much thanks!
  2. landfill zoning

    Everytime I zone landfill, I get the "no road access" sign. But, there are plently of roads surronding my landfills. I tried searching the archives and couldn't find a solution. Has anyone seen this before?
  3. Newbie Question

    which one is it under?
  4. Newbie Question

    what file would i place it in?
  5. Newbie Question

    Hey y'all I recentley found out about this website. I saw that you can add more buildings to the "growable list." I tried looking for options and couldn't find anything. Is there a mod or a simple thing I can edit in the directory. Thanks