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  1. Installing Bigger Maps

    It looked like the problem was fixed. I set it to render while I was gone at the fireworks. I come back and it was finished but only with half the map done. Half was flat and featureless. I went on a diagonal line from corner to corner (along the borders of regions). Any ideas? Would it matter if my screensaver came on?
  2. Installing Bigger Maps

    I somehow read past the part about it being in My Documents instead of Program Files. Thanks a bunch!
  3. Installing Bigger Maps

    I am trying to install the Eaton (2049x2049) and CapeNewenham (3073x2049) maps from the STEX. When I try to install them, I get the error message that the maps must be 1025x1025. I have put the config files that came with them in folders with the same name of the region, but they never seem to show up correctly. Any ideas about how to fix this?